Help for Ukraine

Over 1,500 people have already arrived in Jena (as of 08.12.2022). Here you can find offers and information for refugees from Ukraine as well as offers of help and donation opportunities for Ukraine.

Initial reception center for refugees in Jena

The city of Jena has no capacity to accommodate further refugees. Refugees who need accommodation, please contact:

Initial Reception Center of the State of Thuringia
Weidbergstrasse 24-26
98527 Suhl

Living in Jena and Germany

Welcome to Jena!

We are pleased to welcome you in Jena. The city of Jena tries to support you in the best possible way with all your questions and problems. The following handouts contain information and QR codes to help you with your arrival in Jena.

  • The handout "First Steps in Jena" will make it easier for you to arrive in Jena:

  • The handout "Counseling Services" lists important contact points and addresses:
  • The handout "Living in Jena and Germany" gives you an overview of the cultural offer:

Discover our city! Jena has something to offer for everyone and is characterized by a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

Donations for Brovary/ Ukraine

The city of Jena appeals for donations for Brovary. The Ukrainian city has been a solidarity partner city of Jena and Erlangen since October 2022. The money will be used to purchase equipment and furnishings for a new residential container village. Refugees will be housed there. The city of 100,000 is currently home to nearly 20,000 internally displaced persons. Due to the ongoing war, the number is constantly increasing.

Donation account of the city of Jena

  • Recipient: Municipality of Jena
  • IBAN: DE37 8305 3030 0000 0029 50
  • Bank: Sparkasse Jena
  • Purpose: Donation Brovary/Ukraine
    < Nachname >, < Vorname >, Address: < vollständige Postanschrift >

In a video Igor Sapozhko, mayor of the Ukrainian city of Brovary, thanks the city councils, citizens of Erlangen and Jena for their support. The two cities established a solidarity partnership with Brovary in October 2022 and have already provided assistance.

Helpline Ukraine

Telephone counseling in Ukrainian and Russian for children, adolescents, parents and relatives always Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 17:00(0049 800 500 225 0). Anonymous and free of charge throughout Germany.

Pinboard of the community foundation

On the pinboard of the Bürgerstiftung Jena, you can find a lot of information, offers and courses for refugees and helpers bundled together.

Networking with private helpers via social media

Via the Facebook page Jena helps helpers and those affected can find information and network in three languages (Ukrainian, German and Russian).

Reception and arrival of war refugees in Jena

The city of Jena has no more capacity to accommodate further refugees. Refugees who need accommodation, please contact:

Initial Reception Center of the State of Thuringia
Weidbergstrasse 24-26
98527 Suhl

The Federal Office for Migraand Refugees (BAMF) provides initial information for displaced persons from Ukraine in various languages.languages.

War refugees from Ukraine are temporarily exempt from the requirement of a residence permit in Germany. According to the current status, this exemption applies to first-time entries until May 31, 2023 for a period of 90 days and thus allows a stay without a residence title until August 29, 2023 at the longest. The application for a residence title must be submitted to the local foreigners authority within 90 days after the first-time entry (as of December 1, 2022) and no later than August 29, 2023. (Further information from the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF))

The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) provides information on the help portal germany4ukraine. Official information on accommodation, basic issues as well as medical care in Germany is bundled there.

The BMI's information sheet provides an overview of assistance for refugees from Ukraine.

The Welcome App Germany offers help to refugees by providing detailed information in Ukrainian on important topics related to life and everyday life in Germany. In addition, the app lists local contacts and contact addresses for the various local areas.

The municipal daycare center Regenbogen has created a comprehensive information document for refugees. It provides an overview of the most important contact points in Jena, nationwide help hotlines, helpful apps, free textbooks, and important terms and phrases in German and Ukrainian.

You live in the city of Jena and have taken in war refugees from Ukraine in the past few days? Please contact the city of Jena as soon as possible at neu@jena.deso that we can offer you advice and support at short notice. Please provide the surnames, first names and dates of birth of the persons you have taken in, the address where they are currently staying and your contact details.

Please also contact us at the above e-mail address if you expect Ukrainian war refugees to arrive in Jena in the next few days or if you are from Ukraine, are currently staying in Jena and are unable to make your planned journey home due to the war situation.

Ukrainian refugees and citizens who come from another third country and had to flee Ukraine due to the war are automatically registered with the Aliens' Registration Office after registering with the Citizens' Service. They receive a letter from the Foreigners' Registration Office with a so-called start-up certificate. Therefore, it is not necessary to contact the Aliens' Registration Office in person or to book an appointment.

So that documents can be delivered by mail, the names of the refugees should be visibly attached to the mailboxes.

The living space offered must be located in the city of Jena.

A minimum of privacy should be guaranteed for the refugees, i.e. a separate living space should be available. Certain areas of the apartment, such as kitchen and bathroom, can be shared.

Please only offer living space if there is a perspective of use for several months.

If you have rented your living space, you must first obtain the consent of your landlord/landlady and have a housing provider certificate issued. If you are the owner of the apartment, you can issue the housing provider certificate yourself.

Please write an e-mail to The colleagues will advise you.

There is no obligation to report. However, it is strongly recommended to submit a report as soon as possible via the mail address so that consultations can take place on questions of financial support or health insurance.

Privately organized transports of refugees should only take place if possibilities for medium- to long-term accommodation have been found in advance. Information about privately planned transports or arrivals of refugees should therefore be reported promptly via Offers of accommodation can also continue to be reported via this address.

The German Red Cross Tracing Service helps refugees find their relatives. 0049 89 680 773-111

Before the Ukraine crisis, only pets that had been chipped and vaccinated against rabies, including an examination for sufficient protection against rabies (titer determination), were allowed to enter the European Union.

Due to the current situation, easier conditions for the entry of dogs, cats and ferrets into Germany have been established. Currently, the animals may be brought even if they do not yet meet the usual requirements for entry into Germany. However, the animals must then be registered with the responsible veterinary office in any case and as soon as possible. For Jena, the Zweckverband Veterinär- und Lebensmittelüberwachungsamt Jena-Saale-Holzland (ZVL) is responsible.

After registration, a short official veterinary examination will be carried out by the staff of the ZVL and the vaccination protection against rabies will be checked. This takes a maximum of 30 minutes. In addition, the further procedure is discussed with the owner. Depending on the requirements of the dog/cat (rabies vaccination, chip, pet passport, titer determination), the further steps differ.

Owners can make an appointment with the ZVL by phone (0049 36428 5409840) or by e-mail(

Pets must be in (home) quarantine until valid vaccination protection is established. Vaccination protection will be 21 days after rabies vaccination and identification with microchip.

On the following pages you will find information about practices that offer voluntary help:

If it is not possible for you to visit a practicing veterinarian for the vaccination and identification of your dog or cat, this can also be done during the official veterinary examination at the ZVL. However, in any case, please give in advance when making the appointment by phone, what exactly is needed (identification and vaccination or vaccination only), so that sufficient vaccines and microchips are available. Please note that only identification and vaccination against rabies are performed at the ZVL. Veterinary advice or other treatment cannot be provided.

Information for Ukrainian war refugees

The city of Jena has no capacity to accommodate additional refugees. Refugees who need accommodation, please contact:

Initial Reception Center of the State of Thuringia
Weidbergstrasse 24-26
98527 Suhl

Ukrainian refugees and citizens who come from another third country and had to flee Ukraine due to the war are automatically contacted by the Foreigners' Registration Office after registering at the Citizens' Service. They will receive a letter from the Foreigners' Registration Office with a so-called start-up certificate. Therefore, it is not necessary to book an appointment at the Foreigners' Registration Office or to contact them personally.

  • Host persons must obtain a housing provider certificate from their landlord or landlady for the person they are hosting. Those who own residential property may issue the housing provider certificate themselves.
  • The registration of the main residence takes place at

    Citizen Service of the City of Jena
    Löbdergraben 12
    07743 Jena.

    The Appointmente for war refugees from Ukraine can be by telephone under 0049 3641 493714 can be arranged. Language mediation is provided on site.

  • Important: Your name should be on the mailbox of your registration address so that your mail can be delivered. If your address changes due to a move, please notify the Bürgerservice Jena immediately.

To open an account, the registration certificate and passport are required.

  • Savings Bank Jena-Saale-Holzland
    Ludwig-Weimar-Gasse 5
    07743 Jena

    If possible, please make an appointment in advance by phone at 0049 3641 6790.

  • Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt
    Johannisplatz 7
    07743 Jena
    0049 3641 48 88 84

Apply for financial assistance

In the event of financial hardship, an application can now be made to the social services department for Ukraine application for benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (AsylbLG). can be submitted.

Please send a copy of the passports as well as the registration confirmations of the persons for whom the benefit is requested to together with the completed application for assistance with living expenses.

Note: A signed application is a prerequisite for financial assistance to be paid to you. By signing, you do not commit to residing in Jena. You may change residences at any time, but should notify the city via email.

Emergency aid fund of the church district Jena

The Kreisdiakoniestelle supports refugees from Ukraine unbureaucratically through the emergency aid fund of the church district of Jena. The emergency fund is intended to help purchase food, hygiene articles, other products for everyday needs and school supplies for children, if social benefits have not yet been approved. Assistance is usually provided on a one-time basis in the form of shopping vouchers and cash. To apply for funds, a Ukrainian passport and certificate of registration are required. The emergency fund is fed by donations and is thus always filled differently. There is no legal claim to the support.

Office hours by prior appointment by e-mail.
Monday and Thursday 09:00 to 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 to 14:00

To make an appointment outside office hours, please send an SMS to the mobile number 0049 173 572 85 82.

If you need someone to translate, please let us know. The church district will then try to organize help.

As of June 1, 2022, most refugees from Ukraine will have the opportunity to receive basic security benefits for job seekers in accordance with SGB II (Social Code Book II). An application can already be submitted to jenarbeit, the job center of the city of Jena.

In order to be able to receive the financial support, the following requirements are necessary according to the current status:

  • Refugees must submit an application to jenarbeit, the job center of the city of Jena.
  • They should be registered for identification purposes.
  • They must have applied for a residence permit in accordance with Section 24 (1) of the Residence Act and prove this by means of a fictitious certificate.

The application can be submitted as follows:

  • E-mail to:
  • Mail to: jenarbeit - Jobcenter of the city of Jena
  • Stadtrodaer Str. 1, 07749 Jena, Germany
  • Fax to: 0049 3641 494705
  • Drop-off: in the mailboxes at the building at Stadtrodaer Str. 1, 07749 Jena
  • Personal delivery to the Jobcenter during the following opening hours:
    Mon-Thu from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm; Fri from 8:30 am to 11:00 am.

Ukrainian refugees who have children can apply for child benefit. The Federal Employment Agency provides information about the requirements, child benefit amount and necessary proof here.

In Jena, there are currently no institutions that exchange money in Ukrainian currency into euros.

After applying for benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act, refugees are automatically registered with the AOK-Plus health insurance fund. After registration, they first receive a letter from AOK-Plus providing them with health insurance coverage. After a biometric passport photo is submitted to AOK-Plus, a chip card is issued and sent by mail.

Until they apply for benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act:

War refugees from Ukraine receive medical care:

  • In case of acute need for treatment (broken bones, etc.), the treatment costs are covered by the Social Welfare Department of the City of Jena (emergency assistance, SGB XII).

Day nurseries/ kindergartens

The registration takes place via the municipal daycare portal.

School registration

Please register your children directly with the schools. On this page you will find an overview of all schools in Jena. You will find a mail template for enquiring at the schools attached.

  1. Subject: School registration Ukrainian refugees.
  2. Attachments:
    • Photos of the passport pages with the personal data of the children to be enrolled.
    • Photo/scan of registration confirmation.
  3. Content:
    • Dear Sir or Madam,
    • I would like to ask you to send XXX (name child/children) to school.
    • If applicable, details of previous schooling, foreign language skills, any special features, etc.
    • Please name a German-speaking contact person and provide a telephone number.
    • With kind regards XXX

If you need support and advice, please write an e-mail to the school administration.

Brochure "Kindergarten and School in Thuringia

The brochure "Kindergarten and School in Thuringia"explains, among other things, which educational institutions are available here for children and how to register. The publication of the Thuringian Ministry of Education is aimed specifically at foreign parents and is written in German, Ukrainian and Russian.

Glossary for everyday educational use

The Thuringian Ministry of Education has published a glossary for everyday pedagogical use, which is continually being expanded. Thuringian pedagogues are supported in being able to address Ukrainian children in their native languages, at least with individual phrases.

Education hotline "Pryvit"

If you have any questions about education, the German-Ukrainian education hotline "Pryvit" of the Kindersprachbrücke Jena e.V. under 0049 3641 554927027.

Anyone who receives benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act is also entitled to the education and participation package for their minor children, e.g. for lunch in daycare centers and schools, personal school supplies or membership fees in clubs. Further information and application forms.

Ukrainian refugees can immediately start working in Germany as soon as they receive a start-up certificate from the Foreigners' Registration Office after notification and registration. With the registration of residence, a tax ID is also automatically applied for, which is necessary for presentation to employers. You will receive the tax ID in the mail.

jenarbeit - Jobcenter of the city of Jena

If you receive unemployment benefit II, i.e. benefits from jenarbeit, you will be supported in your job search by the case management of the job center.

Your case manager will also be happy to help you personally in your search for a job or a training position. You will receive individual advice and concrete offers of help. This includes information on language courses, application opportunities and job offers.

You will need an appointment for a personal counseling session. Send an e-mail to

The interview takes place at:

jenarbeit - Jobcenter of the city of Jena
Stadtrodaer Str. 1

07749 Jena.

Please bring the following documents to your interview:

  • Curriculum vitae

  • School leaving certificate

  • Certificate of completion of training or studies

Federal Employment Agency

The Federal Employment Agency has set up an information page for refugees from Ukraine and a special hotline: 0049 911 178 7915 for general questions about language courses and the recognition of foreign vocational and academic qualifications (languages Ukrainian, Russian).

You can find a suitable job in the job exchange. The Jena Employment Agency will also help you personally in your search for a job or training position. You will be advised individually and receive concrete job offers free of charge if, for example, you have a residence permit according to § 24 AufenthG or a fictitious certificate with the entry: "Gainful employment permitted".

For a personal consultation you need an appointment. Write an e-mail to the Federal Employment Agency.

If you cannot bring your own interpreter to the interview, please indicate your language, for example, Ukrainian, Russian, English, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian.

The agency will send you a consultation appointment by e-mail. The interview will take place at the

Employment Agency
Stadtrodaer Str. 1
07749 Jena.

Please bring the following documents to the appointment:

  • Ukrainian passport / ID card
  • Residence permit or fictitious certificate with the entry: "Gainful employment permitted".

If available:

  • School leaving certificate
  • Certificate of the vocational school
  • Certificate of graduation from university

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center Jena advises professionals on the topics of working and living in Jena. The Welcome Center Jena provides general information on job opportunities and industries in the region and offers free advice on job search, application, language courses, etc.

A special subpage provides bilingual information (German/Ukrainian) about the support possibilities for people from Ukraine. Consultations can be offered in Ukrainian and Russian with prior appointment.

Companies wishing to employ people from Ukraine should contact the Welcome Center Jena team.

For more information, please visit the Work-In-Jena website

    Websites for Ukrainian workers

    The following platforms have specialized in Ukrainian workers:

    Certificate evaluation for foreign university qualifications

    A certificate evaluation is an official document issued by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). The document describes a foreign higher education qualification and certifies its professional and academic uses. The ZAB certificate evaluation is intended to facilitate access to the German labor market with a foreign higher education qualification. It is a comparative classification, but not a recognition.

    Recognition of certificates and diplomas

    The IQ Network Thuringia helps with the recognition of a certificate or diploma.

    Caritas Migration Counseling

    The Caritas Migration Counseling Service for adult immigrants is intended to support migrants in their integration, offer assistance with official, legal and personal concerns, and arrange language courses, for example. More information here.

    Migration counseling of the Workers' Welfare Association

    The migration counseling of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt is primarily aimed at people who have a need for integration counseling and support. The support and counseling services are diverse and graded according to age groups.

    Youth Migration Service Jena

    The Youth Migration Service J ena advises young adults up to the age of 27 on all questions of linguistic, educational, vocational, social and cultural integration.

    WeltRaum Jena e. V.

    WeltRaum is an intercultural meeting place for old and new neighbors in Jena, of refugees and people who have lived here for a long time. It is open to all who want to promote a solidary and friendly coexistence in this city and the world. The team supports arrivals, e.g. with applications and administrative procedures.

    One-World-House e.V.
    Unterm Market 13
    07743 Jena
    0049 3641 443057

    Contact point for people of African origin

    War refugees of African origin can take advantage of the counseling services offered by the Anlaufstelle für Menschen afrikanischer Herkunft (AMAH) .

    The federal government has decided to grant refugees from Ukraine access to language support and counseling services with immediate effect.

    This includes:

    Integration, vocational language and initial orientation courses

    Refugees from Ukraine can be admitted to integration courses by the BAMF upon application according to § 44 Abs. 4 AufenthG.

    The prerequisite for the application is the existence of the start-up certificate of the foreigners authority. If this is available, we recommend that you contact one of the certified language course providers in Jena, who will assist you with the application process.

    To whom does the opening apply?

    The opening applies to persons who receive temporary protection according to § 24 AufenthG.

    Offers from local providers that are not certified by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF):

    Kindersprachbrücke Jena e.V.

    Autumn vacations

    From October 17 to 28, 2022, there will be a language course for immigrant students with low and also more advanced language skills will take place. Those who have already participated in a language course can also be registered. The age of the participants should be between 6 to 15 years. The location will be announced later. Registration can only take place via the link in the flyer. This way all participants can be informed about the location and times.

    For Ukrainian refugees, but also questions and topics related to education, there is an education hotline in Ukrainian and German. Through this, interested parties receive extensive advice and support services.

    Topics are:

    • Specialized instruction in Ukrainian for young people,
    • School lessons in Ukrainian,
    • German language support (DaZ and Binnendifferenzierung),
    • language of origin support
    Education hotline "Pryvit

    If you have any questions about education, the German-Ukrainian education hotline "Pryvit" of Kindersprachbrücke Jena e.V. can help you at 0049 3641 554927027.

    Adult Education Center Jena

    The Volkshochschule Jena offers inexpensive German courses at various levels with qualified teachers. The courses are open to anyone interested in learning German or improving their language skills. All information is bundled here .

    Counseling in Ukrainian or Russian

    The Thuringian Adult Education Association (Volkshochschulverband e. V.) has set up a hotline for refugees from Ukraine who have arrived in Thuringiaon questions of language support. Here, those affected can obtain information about German courses; advice is provided in Ukrainian or Russian.


    The Goethe-Institut offers language courses.

    The Adult Education Center Jena offers parenting courses for refugees from Ukraine, in which participants learn German words as well as things they can use in their everyday lives. For example, how to communicate when visiting a doctor or going to the authorities. Those interested should contact the VHS directly (Grietgasse 17a, 07743 Jena;

    The International Office of Friedrich Schiller University Jena advises Ukrainians who have fled and are interested in studying at a university on study options, prerequisites and preparation for studies.

    Prospective students from Ukraine who are currently in Thuringia due to the events and would like to continue or begin their studies at one of the Thuringian universities can contact the student advisors directly.

    Friedrich Schiller University Jena supports refugees in quickly finding a new home and new perspectives in Germany.

    The International Office offers eligible refugees various ways to study, for example through the guest auditor program or scholarships for the DSH preparation course starting in the winter semester 2022/23. All prospective students are advised on the individual possibilities.

    • In this flyer you will find information about the guest auditor program in German and English.
    • The Unie Jena has set up a website especially for refugees where prospective students can find information.

    Ukrainian children's books in the Ernst Abbe Library

    Children's books in Ukrainian-German will be available at the Ernst Abbe Library in Stadtmitte and Lobeda.

    In the city center printed copies of "Welcome! Ласкаво просимо! The German language - first steps Німецька мова - перші кроки" can be picked up. It the booklet is also available for download (PDF).

    Music and art school - courses for Ukrainian children

    Ukrainian children can participate in the existing music and art courses of the Jena Music and Art School. Here you can find the registration form (PDF).

    Music - Choir

    The Collegium Vocale of the University of Jena gladly accepts people who would like to sing in a choir.

    Leisure pool GalaxSea

    The Jena baths also want to support Ukrainian citizens who had to leave their home country and flee to Germany due to the war. Therefore, from now on and until further notice and revocation, they pay only the reduced admission to the leisure pool GalaxSea. A Ukrainian identity document is sufficient as proof.

    Discover Jena


    Art, Culture, Music


    For children and families

    WeltRaum Jena e.V.

    WeltRaum is an intercultural meeting place for old and new neighbors in Jena, of refugees and people who have lived here for a long time. It is open to all who want to promote a solidary and friendly coexistence in this city and the world. The team supports arrivals, e.g. with applications and administrative procedures.

    One-World-House e.V.
    Unterm Market 13
    07743 Jena

    0049 3641 443057

    Refugees from war zones may be particularly sensitive to siren sounds, as these can often be mistaken for air alarm warnings.

    Sirens are distributed throughout the city of Jena and are triggered when the city's volunteer fire department is called out. A signal consisting of three rising and falling tones is then sounded once. There is no "all-clear" signal, as is the case with air alarms in war zones. In addition, once a month, on the first Saturday of each month, a test signal is sounded at 12:00 noon (short siren blast for about 3 seconds). There is therefore no immediate danger to the population when a siren sounds.

    Every vehicle with Ukrainian registration that participates in road traffic in Germany must provide proof of motor vehicle liability insurance as of June 1, 2022.

    For vehicles registered in Ukraine, the required insurance can be obtained and proven in various ways:

    • With a Green Card obtained by the policyholder from his Ukrainian third party motor insurer. The Green Card of the Ukrainian insurer can currently also be obtained digitally from Germany. More information can be found on this website. The Green Card guarantees motor third party liability insurance coverage for the countries marked on the Green Card.
    • With a valid border insurance purchased at the external EU border. This guarantees motor vehicle liability insurance cover in the entire European Union and in any other countries listed in the frontier insurance policy.
    • With a border insurance purchased in Germany. This also provides motor vehicle liability insurance cover in the European Union and in any other countries listed in the frontier insurance.

    The driver must carry the Green Card or the confirmation of the purchase of a border insurance policy with him/her and show it or hand it over for inspection in the event of an inspection.

    Driving without valid insurance is not permitted in Germany. If you drive on public roads in Germany without motor vehicle liability insurance, you commit a criminal offense. In addition, you will be held personally liable for the damage you cause to third parties with your vehicle. The uninsured vehicle can also be seized by the authorities.

    Information is also available from the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport:

    Medical care for refugees and offers of assistance

    The Health Department is in contact with the Jena University Hospital and is examining how the necessary initial examinations can be carried out. In addition, framework conditions will be created so that the SARS-CoV-2 virus cannot spread.

    Notes on insurance coverage.

    Dr. med. Kielstein Ambulante Medizinische Versorgung GmbH offers free assistance to displaced persons from Ukraine until further notice. The practices provide unrestricted free treatment for refugees from the war zone.

    Refugees can get vaccinated at the Jena vaccination centers. If available, passport or vaccination card should be presented. Vaccinations are also carried out without documents being available. Persons with Ukrainian language skills are on site.

    Refugees vaccinated with the Sputnik vaccine or other vaccines not licensed in the EU can receive their first vaccination with BioNTech or Moderna no earlier than four weeks after the last Sputnik vaccination. Vaccination protection is considered complete as of the 15th day after the second vaccination.

    Refugees with a single Astra Zeneca vaccination can receive the second and third vaccinations at the vaccination centers in Jena.

    In community facilities, the mobile vaccination team of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians is available to provide vaccinations for refugees on site.

    Information on Corona vaccination in Ukrainian has been published by the Federal Ministry of Health.

    Help hotline

    Help hotline for pregnant women in distress: 0049 800 4040020


    Ukrainian pregnant women or women in childbed in Jena & surroundings who could use midwife support, please write a care request to send it. For a request, please be sure to mention the woman's or contact person's contact information, expected delivery date, and current location. The current focus is on postpartum care.

    Examination of pregnant women

    The Department of Obstetrics at Jena University Hospital offers short-term pregnancy examinations and counseling for refugee women Monday through Friday at 3 p.m. each day:

    Clinic for Obstetrics
    House E
    At the clinic 1
    07747 Jena

    Pre-registration by telephone in the morning at 0049 3641 932 9230 is necessary.

    Help for pregnant women in emergency situations

    The Thuringian foundation HandinHand provides assistance for pregnant women in emergency situations, which can also be used by refugee pregnant women from Ukraine. Conflict and social counseling for pregnant women and families offers assistance with applications:

    Dornburger Straße 26
    07743 Jena

    Please call 0049 3641 31123 30 to make an appointment.

    The calls are free of charge and anonymous.

    In the last few days, there have been increasing reports about possible increased risks for refugees from Ukraine to be affected by human trafficking. Therefore, we would like to share with you the information and multilingual flyer material of the Bundesweitiger Koordinierungskreis gegen Menschenhandel (KOK) e. V. on the current situation.

    bekom thüringen is an organization for people who are in an emergency situation, such as these:

    • Is someone forcing you to do work you don't want to do?
    • Is someone locking you up, blackmailing, threatening, controlling
    • or monitors you?
    • Is someone forcing you to work much longer hours than others?
    • Do you have no days off or get little pay for your work?
    • Are you not allowed to keep your money?
    • Has someone taken your documents against your will?

    bekom Thüringen advises anonymously, confidentially, free of charge and, if necessary, with interpreters. A multilingual flyer for those affected provides information about the extensive range of counseling services. In this flyer bekom Thüringen introduces itself.

    An updated bekom flyer is aimed specifically at refugees from Ukraine. It raises awareness and provides preventive information about the dangers and risks of human trafficking, especially for people currently fleeing Ukraine. It also provides contact information for assistance in cases of suspected trafficking. Copies have been developed in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German. For more information on bekom's offering, as well as current guidance on the issue of human trafficking in the context of people fleeing Ukraine, please visit the website.

    The German Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) has published a media package with information on the coronavirus in Ukrainian. The package is available for download here - and can also be ordered free of charge from the BZgA.

    The Thuringian Cancer Society e. V. is committed advocates for the fastest possible continuation of cancer treatments and -therapies as well as the implementation of aftercareexaminations for refugees people from the Ukraine a and offers in its thuringia-wide six cancer counseling centers free of charge, confidential consultations free of charge.

    More information here and in the flyer.

    • The association refugio thüringen e. V. operates the Psychosocial Center for Refugees and Torture Victims (PSZ) REFUGIO Thüringen with locations in Jena and Erfurt. The PSZ is a counseling and psychotherapy center that especially accompanies traumatized persons and survivors of torture, war and sexualized violence in various areas of their lives.
      The association also offers counseling for LGBTIQA* refugees . (LGBTIQA*: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Intersex & Queers)

    General information on entry and right of residence

    The Federal Ministry of the Interior has published questions and answers online on the topic of entry and residence rights for Ukrainian citizens. The Refugee Council of Lower Saxony has also published a collection of questions and answers.

    A constantly updated website in English provides information on the situation on Ukraine's borders with the EU. The state of Thuringia also provides up-to-date information on the situation in Ukraine.

    According to UNHCR, more than 13 million people have been displaced since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In Ukraine itself, there are about five million internally displaced persons. More than eight million refugees are registered in Europe (as of April 2023). Ukrainians* find protection in the EU without asylum procedures, according to the EU's decision.

    MEDIENDIENST has summarized the most important figures, legal information and current sources on the situation of the refugees in a new dossier.

    Ukrainian citizens can enter Germany without a visa for visits of up to 90 days. The only requirement is the possession of a biometric passport. A return journey does not have to be made even at the end of the visa-free visit period.

    Details on the right of residence: A federal law stipulates that foreigners are entitled to assistance for living expenses (HLU) and basic medical care on the basis of the social assistance principle. Provided that no further regulations are forthcoming from the federal and state governments, this will initially serve as the legal basis. The Federal Ministry of the Interior informs.

    If indigence exists, benefits for living and medical care can be applied for according to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (AsylbLG). For this purpose, the registration of a residence at the Citizens' Service is necessary.

    Currently, there is no possibility to have close family members with Ukrainian citizenship evacuated by German authorities.

    You would like to help?

    Many people want to actively do something. From now on, the coordination of volunteer help will be coordinated by the volunteer agency of the community foundation. On the multilingual platform Committed in Jena volunteers can enter their offers of help, and initiatives seeking help can enter their requests. The community foundation brings offers and requests together.

    There is a separate module for offers and requests in the context of hosting refugees.

    Anyone who wants to volunteer in refugee aid should clarify their own demands, expectations and limits in order to avoid disappointment and overload. Caritas provides tips for volunteer refugee assistance.

    Donations for Brovary/ Ukraine

    The city of Jena appeals for donations for Brovary. The Ukrainian city has been a solidarity partner city of Jena and Erlangen since October 2022. The money will be used to purchase equipment and furnishings for a new residential container village. Refugees will be housed there. The city of 100,000 is currently home to nearly 20,000 internally displaced persons. Due to the ongoing war, the number is constantly increasing.

    Donation account of the city of Jena

    • Recipient: Municipality of Jena
    • IBAN: DE37 8305 3030 0000 0029 50
    • Bank: Sparkasse Jena
    • Purpose: Donation Brovary/Ukraine
      < Nachname >, < Vorname >, Address: < vollständige Postanschrift >

    Association of Ukrainian compatriots in Thuringia e. V.

    The association Ukrainian compatriots in Thuringia e. V. collects donations in kind and money.

    Civic Foundation Jena Saale-Holzland

    Donation account:

    • IBAN DE63 8602 0500 0003 5675 00
    • Intended purpose: "Ukraine: Jena helps!"

    German Red Cross

    The DRK e.V. is recognized as a non-profit organization and is exempt from corporate income tax. Your donation is tax deductible. Tax number 27/027/36500. Here you can find an overview of what happens with your donations.

    Donation account:

    • IBAN: DE63370205000005023307
    • Subject: "Emergency aid Ukraine

    Due to the current security situation no donations in kind can be accepted at the moment.

    Lions Club e. V.

    Donation account: Relief organization of the Lions Club Jena e. V.

    • IBAN: DE05 8305 3030 0018 0340 80
    • Credit institution: Sparkasse Jena Saale-Holzland
    • Purpose: Ukraine *

    *Please include your address in the reason for payment in order to receive a donation receipt.

    Donations for "Medicines for Ukraine

    • Together with the pharmacists' associations in Central Germany and the German medicines relief organization "action medeor", MITTELDEUTSCHE RUNDFUNK is collecting donations for "Medicines for Ukraine".

    All information on the fundraising campaign and bank details

    MDR viewers can donate to action medeor e.V.
    Keyword: MDR Ukraine
    Savings Bank Krefeld
    IBAN: DE 78 3205 0000 0099 93

    Promoshirt: Fanshop of the handball club Jena

    With the purchase of a promoshirt a donation will be made to "Aktion Deutschland hilft - Nothilfe Ukraine".

    Communal Service Jena

    Kommunalservice Jena collects furniture donations to furnish shared accommodation in Jena. The press release informs about the process and what is needed.

    Association Ukrainian compatriots in Thuringia e. V.

    The association Ukrainian compatriots in Thuringia e. V. collects donations in kind and money.

    Caritas International

    Caritas International is intensifying its work in Ukraine and there are opportunities for donations.

    Commitment platform of the civic foundation Jena

    You want to share time, goods or your language skills? The engagement platform of the Civic Foundation Jena mediates between people seeking help and volunteers. You can register here if you would like to offer help as a private person or if volunteers are needed in your initiative.

    Clothes Closets

    • The clothing store is probably until November open. Monday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00 o'clock
    • Diakonie Damenviertel, Saalbahnhofstr. 12, 0049 3641 443709, by telephone arrangement
    • Parish Lobeda Old Town, Rectory, Ernst-Thälmann-Str. 4, 07745 Jena, Wednesday 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
    • Umsonsthaus of the MobB e. V., Am Rähmen 11, 0049 3641 384 364, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 - 12:00, Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00 clock, Thursday 17:00 - 19:00 clock
    • DRK Center (sales only), Oberlauengasse12, 0049 3641 3107 302, Monday - Friday 10:00 - 12:00 clock and 13:00 - 18:00 clock
    • Parish LobedaOldTown, Rectory, Ernst-Thälmann-Str. 4, 07745 Jena, Wednesday 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
    • Tafel e. V. in Lobeda West, Werner-Seelenbinder-Str. 26, 0049 3641 336 920, Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    • Umsonsthaus of MobB e. V., Am Rähmen 11, 0049 3641 384 364, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 - 12:00, Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00 clock, Thursday 17:00 - 19:00 clock
    • Winzerla Kinder City, Anna-Siemsen-Str. 47, 0049 3641 834 634, Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 17:00 hrs

    Furniture donations

    Acceptance and issue:
    • Help for self-help, furniture and household goods, Buchaer Str. 6, 0049 3641 618988, by telephone arrangement
    • Communal Service Jena (KSJ), only acceptance of furniture and household goods, Löbstedter Str. 56, 0049 3641 4989-500, Monday 08:00 - 19:00, Tuesday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00, Saturday 08:00 - 17:00
    • Soliladen Damenviertel/ Gaudipark, furniture and household goods, Saalbahnhofstr. 21/ Löbstedter Str., 0049 3641 898 5379, Monday, Thursday 09:00 - 18:00, Tuesday, Wednesday 09:00 - 16:30, Friday 09:00 - 13:30
    • Umsonsthaus of MobB e. V.Small furniture and household goods, Am Rähmen 11, 0049 3641 384 364, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 - 12:00, Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00 clock, Thursday 17:00 - 19:00 clock

    You would like to initiate a local fundraising campaign for Ukrainian refugees in Jena and the region yourself? Then you can also use the local donation platform of the Stadtwerke Jena Group Jena: Jena Crowd.

    As soon as there are projects, we will link them here.

      Show solidarity: Prayers for peace in Jena

      Every Monday at 5:00 p.m., a prayer for peace is held in the Stadtkirche. The city church is open every day between 11:00 and 16:00 for silent prayer, candles can be lit in the devotional chapel and a book of intentions is available. The intentions are considered in the midday prayers. In addition, the Jena Ecumenical Council invites you to an ecumenical peace devotion every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. in the church of St. John Baptist.

      Charity concerts for the ensemble of the Odessa Opera House (Ukraine)

      At the time of the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Vitaliy Kovalchuk, conductor at the Odessa Opera House, was on a concert tour of Poland with a group of artists from the Odessa Opera House. The plan was to return home together at the beginning of April. However, the war in Ukraine is currently making a trip home impossible.

      JenaKultur made it possible for the Ukrainian ensemble to give two concerts in the Volkshaus Jena on April 19 and 20, 2022. The ticket proceeds of 10,000 € went directly to the nearly 40 musicians and dancers, and thus enable the financing and continuation of their tour in well as the support of help offers in Odessa. JenaKultur, as the organizer of the two concert evenings, took over all costs for technology, food and lodging of the artists.

      Proceeds from benefit concerts so far

      The proceeds of 25,000 euros from the benefit concerts of the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra on 03. and 04.03.2022 in the Volkshaus Jena will be donated in favor of Ukrainian refugees. More information in the press release.

      An action of JenaKultur, the city of Jena, the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra and the Lions Club Jena e. V.

      Since Monday, 28.02.2022 JenaKultur participates in the Europe-wide action #lightforpeace2022 and illuminates its main venues thematically as a sign of solidarity.

      If you are looking for support in the following areas or know refugees who are interested in the following offers, please contact contact:

      • Social legal counseling, esp. in the medical context
      • Telecommunication and internet
      • Handball training
      • Bilingual children's books or games

      For local support of people in emergency and community shelters would be Circles of friends in the respective neighborhoods would be valuable, as they existed in several places in Jena as of 2015. Support for new foundations can be offered by the Welcome working group. If you are interested, send an email to

      In these days and weeks it is important to support and help the refugees from the crisis area with all our possibilities. On the website of the state of Thuringia you will find concrete ways how you can participate.

      In recent years, circles of friends have proven their worth in providing continuous support for refugees in their many everyday tasks. Citizens of Jena have agreed to work in a circle of friends for Ukrainian refugees.

      The KuBuS (Center for Culture, Meeting and Sport) still has free capacities in the hall and partly in the sports room e.g. for language courses or child care (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 09:00 - 16:00). It is also possible to organize cinema evenings or afternoons where (children's) films are shown in Ukrainian. KuBuS can provide the films if needed. The room allocation takes place on request.

      Theobald-Renner-Str. 1a
      0049 3641 53 16 55

      Information resources for adults and children

      The current topic of war and peace is on the minds of many families right now. It is not always possible to avoid this topic in front of children. If children are aware of topics and have questions, it is important to ask and talk about them sensitively.

      We would like to give you some ideas that can support you. You yourself know best what suits you and your family.

      The ARD Mediathek has expanded its programming to include content in Ukrainian and now offers videos for refugee children with stories that every child in the world understands: including "Shaun the Sheep," "Little Mole," the "Sandman," "Wisch & Mop," and "Kiwi and Strit," among others. The series "Learning German with Socks" introduces children to the German language in a playful way - and thanks to a cheeky red sock, there's also plenty to laugh about. The "Children and Family" media library service is coordinated by MDR.

      The situation in Ukraine threatens the lives and well-being of 7.5 million children. Already, more than one million of them have fled. The children on the ground experience dramatic situations every day. At the same time, people around the world are showing their solidarity, submitting donations in kind or organizing demonstrations for peace. "Schau in meine Welt" (rbb/KiKA/Radio Bremen/SWR/MDR/hr) provides insights into these realities of life. In five episodes each, current life in war is shown, but also how much commitment and compassion is being generated around the world and in Europe. The episodes will be broadcast Sunday, March 20, starting at 8:30 p.m. under the title "Look into my world #Ukraine - How we experience the war!" and can be viewed individually in advance in the KiKA player and on

      Children's podcast from MDR TWEENS and MDR WISSEN: Can war also come to Germany? How likely is it that nuclear bombs will fly? What can be done to stop the war? What is the use of demonstrations or fundraising? And what can I do about my fears? The special episode "The war right next door - how do I deal with my fear?" wants to help deal with this particular situation.

      The Volkshochschule Jena has posted a lecture online on Russian-Ukrainian relations.