Office for Migration and Integration

The Office for Migration and Integration is a staff unit of the Lord Mayor and is formed by the Commissioner for Migration and Integration, her staff and the Integration Manager Refugees.

We advocate for the interests of people with a migration background in the city of Jena as well as an integrative, open administration and diverse urban society.

The tasks of the Office for Migration and Integration include:

  1. Promoting the coexistence of people with and without a migration background.
  2. Promotion, coordination and participation in the steering of the integration policy of the city of Jena
  3. Promotion and coordination of intercultural quality development in the city of Jena
  4. Conception and reporting (Integration concept, migration report, surveys) as well as support of migrant organisations and relevant initiatives in the development of concepts
  5. Administration of the funding funds "Political Education", "Migration Associations" and "Measures Integration Concept" as well as content-related advice to the applicants
  6. Implementation of the Thuringian initiative for local integration management in the municipalities and the Thuringian social counselling guideline for refugees
  7. Advice and networking (institutions, sponsors, state working group of municipal commissioners for foreigners and integration, state integration advisory council, nationwide quality circle for integration policy)
  8. Advice and information about Jena's wide range of services for migrants and foreigners, as well as establishing contacts with other agencies and organisations.
  9. Advice for people with a migration background in multiple problem situations and support in cases of disputes and discrimination as a neutral authority.
  10. Office and municipal contact for the Advisory Council for Migration and Integration
  11. Coordination office for the Round Table for Democracy and for the International Centre Haus auf der Mauer
  12. Planning, implementation and evaluation of integration projects
  13. Provision of language and cultural mediation for independent agencies, day-care centres and schools in counselling recognised refugees
  14. Public relations

Appointments are in advance by telephone discussed. You find during our office hours Tuesday and Thursday 9 - 12 o'clock agreement take place.