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Following an accident on a district heating pipeline, the district heating supply was interrupted in parts of Jena-Nord. Around 6,500 households were affected.

Stadtwerke Jena Netze was able to repair the defective district heating pipeline in Jena-Nord during the night with the support of specialist companies. This means that the district heating supply for around 6,500 households in Jena-Nord is now secure again. The recommissioning started step by step from 03:10 o'clock.

The people in the currently particularly affected area between Emil-Höllein-Platz and Stifterstraße are urgently asked to keep windows and doors closed and to take precautions to keep the heat in their homes as long as possible. As a precaution, people in the residential areas to the west of west of Naumburger Straße (area of Jena-Nord II to Zwätzen) are also are also asked to prepare themselves for a reduction in heating. The heating network there is still working: however, only with the residual heat available in the network and with the support of heat from the biogas plant in Zwätzen. This area is also cut off from the heat supply from the power plant in Winzerla.

In the meantime, Stadtwerke Jena Netze is working with all available forces on troubleshooting.

Current developments

Tonight at 19 o'clock the mayor of the city of Jena declared a disaster situation for the city area. This happens because the district heating supply is interrupted due to an accident for large parts of Jena-North and thus about 6,500 households have to do without heating heat and hot water. This could endanger life and limb.

Contrary to the contact restriction regulations of the state ordinance on corona pandemic containment, it is therefore permissible for members of one household to take in all members of a household threatenedby the cold. The city of Jena will issue a corresponding general decree tomorrow. However, this regulation is effective immediately. Therefore, the city of Jena asks everyone who is able to do so to take in relatives, friends and acquaintances from these households affected by the cold. The usual hygiene rules should be observed. The city itself will organize further emergency accommodation in gymnasiums and hotels.

Until the heat supply is restored, the disaster situation will be maintained.

The citizens' hotline is now active at 0049 3641 49-5599.

Affected persons with questions can call there and register possible needs for emergency accommodation.

Tenants of affected housing companies will be contacted directly by them.

The six Jena nursing homes in the area affected by the disaster have been equipped with heating devices. This will prevent sick and immobile people from having to endure the hardships of a possible evacuation.

The housing companies have informed tenants in Jena-Nord about the current situation. If anyone has not been reached, please contact the hotline: 0049 3641 49-5599.

The city's citizens' hotline is currently supported by 14 colleagues who answer citizens' enquiries. The first hotel rooms have been arranged.

Numerous citizens want to help and offer support. Both shelters and mobile heaters are offered via a privately set up padlet (collaboration platform), which is currently shared via social media. The padlet can be accessed here.

The content is not the responsibility of the City of Jena.

Many thanks for the great solidarity with the affected residents!

The repair work in connection with the district heating disaster in Jena-Nord also affects tram traffic. The trams on lines 1 and 4 are currently only running as far as the Altenburger Straße stop. Between the Altenburger Straße stop and Zwätzen, Jena's public transport system is offering a rail replacement service with buses.

The damaged area, which led to the interruption of the district heating supply, was found late in the evening. The necessary repair work will start in the course of the night.

Cause: Crack in a weld seam

With the support of specialist companies, Stadtwerke Jena Netze was able to repair the defective district heating pipeline in Jena-Nord during the night. This means that the district heating supply for around 6,500 households in Jena-Nord is now secure again. The recommissioning started step by step from 03:10 o'clock.

Schools and kindergartens in Jena North remain partially closed on Thursday for emergency care. Affected parents please inform themselves directly at the facilities.

Der Jenaer Krisenstab hat am 11.02.2021 (Folgetag der Havarie) um 10:45 Uhr den am 10.02.2021 ausgerufenen Katastrophenfall aufgehoben.

Nach der Reparatur der defekten Fernwärmeleitung sei seitens der Stadtwerke nun der Normalbetrieb im Netz wieder gesichert. Damit besteht für den Katastrophenfall kein Grund mehr.

Die zentrale Bürgerhotline wurde am Folgetag der Havarie um 11:00 Uhr abgeschaltet.

Affected streets

This map (PDF) shows the streets affected by the district heating fault.

Precautions for residents

If you have the possibility to stay with relatives or friends, this is possible. In this case... the corona-related contact restrictions are suspended. Please be sure to wear a mouth-nose protection for your visit with relatives and keep your distance.

Should citizens not be able to find private accommodation, the city of Jena has reserved contingents in cooperation with municipal hotels. In addition, schools are currently being prepared for emergency accommodation at night. Citizens with a need for emergency accommodation please register this via the citizens' hotline and will be centrally distributed to the existing shelters.

Affected people who are quarantined because of Covid-19 are also asked to call the Citizens' Helpline on 0049 3641 49-5599.

Do you know someone who cannot help themselves? Then please also report this to the Citizens' Helpline.

The city is in exchange with all nursing homes and provides heating units there. This is to prevent sick and immobile people from having to go through the hardships of a possible evacuation.

Rules of conduct during temperature reduction

Makeshift heaters are very dangerous. Please do not operate makeshift heaters under any circumstances! Exhaust fumes from gas cookers, camping stoves, charcoal or gas grills, mushroom heaters or similar cause fatal poisoning in closed rooms.

When operating electric heating devices: Electric fan heaters or similar have a very high power consumption! Please note that the electrical installation in your home could be overloaded. Fuses could switch off the installation. In the worst case, damage to the wiring could occur. During operation, please observe the safety distances to flammable objects specified by the device manufacturer!

Do not heat with stove or oven: Stove or oven are not designed for continuous operation! Continuous operation of these appliances can cause a dangerous build-up of heat. This can cause furnishings such as cabinets in the fitted kitchen to catch fire.

Please avoid ventilating. Please wear warm clothes.