5G network is available in Jena


Telekom in Jena recently started providing the new mobile phone standard 5G. 18 mobile communications sites were equipped with the new technology, covering the entire city and parts of the surrounding area. By modernising existing transmitters, part of the UMTS frequencies are now used for LTE and the new 5G standard.

"This gives Jena a clear digital locational advantage and gives a strong boost to our 5G application scenario, Jena's application within the framework of the call for proposals for the model project Smart Cities of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and for many other projects," said Benjamin Koppe, head of the department responsible for digitization.

Within the framework of the 5x5G innovation competition, the city of Jena and its project partners are currently developing innovative 5G applications, especially in the transport sector.

"5G will thus be applicable far beyond smartphones and contribute to a sustainable and modern urban development in Jena", says Mayor and head of the urban development department Christian Gerlitz. For public transport as well as for traffic light control, environmental sensors or decentralized energy concepts, transmission rates and real-time capabilities of 5G are necessary.

The 5G development is therefore an important infrastructural component for all Smart City projects. Jena is currently applying for funding of €4 million from the Federal Ministry of Transport as a 5G model region. The current development of the concept is supported by the Thuringian Ministry for Economy, Science and Digital Society. In addition, the city of Jena is applying for funding of 15 million € from the Federal Ministry of the Interior as a "Smart City model project". This is intended to support a comprehensive data platform, digital projects at educational and social institutions, digital logistics concepts, the "smart quarter" in Lobeda and eGovernment projects. All services must be available on the move - for which 5G is the best basis.

"Jena is thus continuing to profile itself as an innovative city in terms of digitalization - and is living up to the reputation that brought the Federal Government's Digital Summit to our city at the end of November 2020," said Lord Mayor Dr. Thomas Nitzsche.