Evening situation from 13.05.2020


Corona case numbers

On this Wednesday there were no changes for the persons reported in Jena.
159 corona cases in Jena, one person is undergoing inpatient treatment in the intensive care unit.
In total there were 3 deaths. 151 persons are considered to have recovered, so there are 5 active cases in Jena.

These figures reflect the cases of Jena residents.

More COVID patients are treated at the University Hospital Jena than listed here.
We also treat people who have been transferred from other hospitals within Thuringia.

Transition from emergency care to limited regular operation in daycare centres

The Jenaer Kitas will be transferred in different steps into a limited regular operation starting Monday. It is particularly important that hygiene regulations are observed in the facilities. In various discussions with the responsible bodies, the possibilities of the individual facilities were investigated. These discussions between the responsible department and the owners will continue in the coming week. The first step from 18 May 2020 onwards will apply to all pre-school children and their siblings. Please enquire at your day-care centres if necessary.

Opening of the restaurant from Friday

Also in Jena, the opening of the outdoor and indoor restaurants will be possible from Friday. Hygiene plans have to be worked out by the companies. These will be controlled randomly by the Jena health authority. Members from two different households may sit at the same table. At the moment, it is necessary to record guest data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail and length of stay). If a corona infection of a guest occurs, this is necessary to determine the contact persons. The data must be kept for three weeks and then destroyed.