Offers during the summer holidays


Together with the Bündnis für Familie, the city of Jena publishes the brochure "Sommer in der Stadt" (Summer in the city) every year for the big holidays. This year, due to corona reasons, only a leaflet with first rough information could be produced. In the meantime, further offers have been added. It is therefore worthwhile to have another look at the websites of the institutions mentioned.

In addition to the leaflet, we would like to point out the holiday offers for spontaneous participants of the city sports association and the sports clubs, the summer school of the Kindersprachbrücke, the activities of the Eurowerkstatt, the holiday language courses for children and young people of the Volkshochschule and the city walks for children of the city museums.

In addition, you can find offers from various institutions with vacant places in the calendar of events of the city of Jena under the keyword "holidays".