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Additional information on the current Corona situation picture for Jena


New infections in different areas

The new cases of infection occurred in different areas. Cases were reported from schools and day-care centres, but also many individual cases from the private sector. Often the source of infection can no longer be determined.

Contact tracing based on updated RKI recommendation

In the specialist health service, the Robert Koch Institute's updated recommendation for contact person tracking is used as a basis for the determination. Investigations and contact tracing are risk-adapted.

Possibly delayed delivery of quarantine orders

Due to the enormous workload involved in case investigation, the delivery of quarantine notifications may be delayed.We must ask for patience and understanding here.

Please observe the rules for contact restriction

We once again make an impressive appeal: adhere to all rules for restricting contact and consistently wear a mouth-nose cover in public.

Also pay attention to slight symptoms

Be aware of mild symptoms that may indicate Covid-19 disease. Investigations by the specialist health service increasingly show that despite the occurrence of slight respiratory tract infections, people continue to work and do not secrete. This results in the danger that many more people (contact persons) could be infected with the virus unnoticed.