Department 3 - Urban Development & Environment

Urban development and environment

Department 3 consists of the following specialist services:

  • Urban Development
  • Urban Planning
  • Building regulations and monument protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Mobility
  • Cross-sectional tasks
Organigramm Dezernat Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt
Organigramm Dezernat 3, Stand 01.04.2021
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Basic principles of urban development

  1. Updating of the land use plan as interdisciplinary planning for the whole city
  2. Participation in the state development plan of Thuringia and in regional planning
  3. Integrated urban development planning on the basis of sectoral plans,
    steering and coordinating the development, evaluation and monitoring of specialist concepts (e.g. for commercial, retail and residential development, village and garden development, climate adaptation) for the development of a sustainable municipality as well as preparation of planning data, participation in sectoral plans
  4. Urban development measures
  5. Urban development concepts, development planning and monitoring systems
  6. Preparatory studies and urban development planning, urban renewal and improvement of the living environment incl. coordination of implementation and processing of subsidies
  7. Urban development framework planning
  8. Performing the tasks of a public interest body within the framework of inter-communal coordination
  9. Management of the "Local Agenda 21 ff" process
  10. Consulting and communication

Housing and neighbourhood development

  1. Analysis and evaluation of housing locations from the point of view of housing promotion and housing requirements
  2. Creation of framework conditions for the implementation of innovative forms of housing
  3. Advising housing companies, developers, owners and investors on funding opportunities in housing construction
  4. Preparation of annual applications for the respective subsidy programmes and drafting of statements on the respective subsidy project
  5. Preliminary examination and processing of applications for compliance with the funding criteria
  6. Monitoring of the requirements and conditions during the construction phase, disbursement of the subsidies and preparation of the proof of use
  7. Monitoring of the securing of the intended purpose of the subsidised housing
  8. Monitoring of compliance with the rent and occupancy obligation of the subsidized apartments and release of apartments from the occupancy obligation
  9. Punishment of administrative offences and levying of compensation payments
  10. Preparation and updating of the rent index for residential rents in cooperation with other players on the housing market
  11. Residential entitlement certificates

Urban redevelopment

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  1. Participation in sustainable urban development
  2. Preparation and formal designation of redevelopment and urban renewal areas in accordance with the German Building Code (BauGB) and the Thuringian Urban Development Guidelines (ThStBauFR)
  3. Management of subsidies in accordance with ThStBauFR for financial aid from the EU, the federal government or the federal state
  4. Processing of approvals under redevelopment law in accordance with the Building Code (BauGB)
  5. Preparation of certificates according to § 7h income tax law in the redevelopment areas
  6. Cooperation with the redevelopment commissioner
  7. levying of compensation contributions for the increase in land value caused by redevelopment in accordance with the BauGB
  8. Settlement and cancellation of redevelopment areas in accordance with BauGB
  9. Monitoring and coordination of funding projects through the preparation of applications for approval and disbursement as well as proof of use.
  10. Monitoring (accompanying the funding programmes) and coordination with the state administration office
  11. Purchase price audits in the redevelopment areas according to BauGB
  12. Drawing up urban development contracts, modernisation agreements, agreements with the municipal undertakings for the implementation of development projects
  13. Public relations work (urban development promotion day) as well as citizen consultation and participation
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Am Anger 26, 2nd floor
07743 Jena

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Urban land use and green planning

  1. Preparation and support of urban land-use plans including public relations, consulting and communication (land-use plans, project-related land-use plans)
  2. Preparation, monitoring and implementation of green space plans and environmental reports as part of urban land use plans, including public relations and consulting (also compensation areas)
  3. Preparation and monitoring of urban development contracts, consulting and communication (e.g. development, planning, implementation contracts)
  4. Management, planning support and supervision of major urban development projects, implementation of high-rise master plan
  5. Planning and construction supervision of municipal open and green spaces (playground planning, open space planning)

Urban development and planning law

  1. Planning law assessment of building projects and planning law issues, preparation of the municipality's statement in the building permit procedure
  2. Development of development concepts, framework planning and basic investigations in urban development (planning sovereignty of the municipality), securing planning for future planning areas
  3. Statements on private and municipal property matters (municipal right of first refusal, property transactions, preparation of the levying of road development contributions)
  4. Elaboration of urban planning statutes, such as preservation and supplementary statutes, advertising statutes (local building regulations)
  5. Consultation of building owners / investors on questions of planning law and building design
  6. Implementation and updating of the design manual for public space (formatio jenensis), cityscape maintenance, competition for the Fassenpreis, design advisory board, statements on applications for advertising and special use

Building Regulations

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  1. Monitoring and ensuring the condition of buildings and structural facilities in accordance with building regulations
  2. and ensuring public safety and order during their construction, alteration or demolition.
  3. Averting dangers to life and health posed by structural installations
  4. Processing of building applications, preliminary building applications, applications for exemptions
  5. Advice on building regulations for building owners, citizens, investors, architects
  6. Processing of building encumbrances (management of the building encumbrance register of the city of Jena), certificates of closedown, applications for the release of parking spaces, advertising facilities
  7. Execution of hazard prevention inspections (GVS) together with the fire brigade and recurring inspections
  8. Processing of objections, administrative offences, hearings, neighbour complaints
  9. Examination, preparation and awarding of stability certificates, examination and awarding of fire protection concepts
  10. Prosecution of violations of public building law (illegal buildings)
  11. Execution of administrative enforcement measures and procedures (substitute measures, building stops, removal orders)
  12. Examination of the necessity of a partition permit (negative certificate according to § 8 Thuringian building code)
  13. Construction site inspections, acceptances, inspection of structural damage
  14. Acceptance of use for temporary buildings
  15. Statements in development plan procedures, framework plans, Federal Immission Control Act procedures, as a public concern, in departmental participations
  16. Decisions on deviations, exceptions and exemptions from building regulations and building planning law

Monument protection

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0049 3641 49-5141
  1. Performance of all tasks as a lower monument protection authority according to the Thuringian monument protection law
  2. Processing of applications for permission under the law on the protection of monuments, control of the execution of conditions
  3. Preparation of statements on the protection of monuments in the context of building applications and civil engineering applications, control of the execution of conditions
  4. Elaboration of statements on the protection of monuments in connection with applications for redevelopment, urban land-use and construction planning procedures, as well as the drafting of resolutions on urban planning issues and development plans.
  5. Technical supervision of the listed building stock, advice to owners on questions relating to the law on the protection of listed buildings and monuments, public communication
  6. Advice to owners on tax issues and grants / subsidies, review of subsidy and tax applications including acceptance and implementation checks
  7. Development and review of monument preservation tasks and objectives as well as monument preservation plans
  8. Preparation of monument designations and inventory of the monument stock in cooperation with the Thuringian State Office for the Preservation of Monuments and Archaeology (TLDA), updating of the monument list
  9. Enforcement of the preservation of cultural monuments and removal of illegal measures, regulatory authority, examination of pre-emption rights
  10. Safeguarding of archaeological cultural monuments in coordination with the TLDA
  11. Advice and information for citizens, media, building owners, pupils and students, architects, planners, experts
  12. Public relations
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Lower immission control authority

  1. Enforcement of the Federal Immission Control Act and the corresponding ordinances
  2. Issuing of permits and monitoring of installations according to the Federal Immission Control Act
  3. Noise action planning and clean air planning, enforcement of the city's district heating statutes
  4. Statements as a public concern body, technical consultations
  5. Mobile radio and climate protection officer of the city
  6. Handling of neighbourhood complaints (light, dust, noise, odours, vibrations)

Chemical safety authority

  1. Enforcement of the tasks of the Federal Chemicals Act and its corresponding ordinances by monitoring and advising institutions and private individuals

Lower water authority

  1. Enforcement of the Water Resources Act, the Thuringian Water Act and the corresponding ordinances
  2. Issuance of water law approvals and permits
  3. Monitoring of water bodies and facilities
  4. Statements as TÖB, technical consultations
  5. Enforcement of the Land Register Adjustment Act and the Property Rights Implementation Ordinance for water management facilities

Lower soil protection authority

  1. Execution of tasks according to the Federal Soil Protection Act, the Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance and the Thuringian Soil Protection Act
  2. Management of the Thuringian contaminated site information system THALIS, provision of information in accordance with the Environmental Information Act
  3. Statements regarding contaminated sites and soil protection within the scope of public authority participation
  4. Expert advice to applicants, planning offices, municipal enterprises on the problem of contaminated sites

Lower nature conservation authority

  1. Enforcement of the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the Thuringian Nature Conservation Act, Enforcement of species protection regulations in accordance with EC and federal law; enforcement of the FFH and SPA directives (FFH preliminary examinations, impact assessments, reporting obligations, etc.)
  2. Enforcement of the tree protection statute of the city of Jena and the cost reimbursement statute of the city of Jena
  3. Supervision of protected areas and objects, issuing of permits in protected areas and objects, designation procedures, prosecution of administrative offences
  4. Securing of landscape conservation in the protected areas and protected landscape elements
  5. Implementation of the impact regulation and impact monitoring
  6. Development and management of a compensation area pool and eco-account for the city of Jena and the ImpulsRegion Erfurt, Weimar, Weimarer Land and Jena
  7. Statements as a carrier of public interests, technical consultations
  8. Landscape planning
  9. Species protection enforcement, implementation of species protection licensing procedures, issuance of species protection EC certificates

Lower waste authority

  1. Execution of the tasks according to the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act and the corresponding legal ordinances as well as the Thuringian Implementation Act to the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act
  2. Monitoring under waste law, in particular of plants, properties, carriers, material flows
  3. Preparation of waste-legal statements in licensing, approval and investigation procedures
  4. Ordering and implementing measures to ensure proper waste disposal

Traffic planning

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  1. Supervision and updating of the mobility concept
  2. conceptual planning of all modes of transport, networks and facilities with all modes of transport
  3. awarding of contracts to third parties according to point 2
  4. assumption of responsibility for local public transport (ÖPNV) / preparation of local transport plan
  5. Conceptual processing of bicycle traffic, stationary traffic, the traffic model, and the conceptual signposting of the city
  6. Responsible supervision of approval procedures for traffic facilities in the city

Planning of traffic facilities

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Löbstedter Street 68
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  1. Preparation and coordination of medium-term planning for investment measures in public space
  2. Control of object planning in public space (streets, paths, squares)
  3. In connection with point 2:
  • Assuming the role of client for external service providers (e.g. engineering offices, experts)
  • Coordination with municipal committees, citizens and other parties involved (e.g. utility companies)
  • Cost control, subsidy and contract management

Traffic organisation - traffic regulations

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Am Anger 26, ground floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-5360

1. orders to restrict the use of certain roads for reasons of traffic safety or order, to close and divert road traffic

  • to carry out work on the road
  • to prevent extraordinary damage to roads
  • to investigate the occurrence of accidents
  • to secure cultural events
  • in the vicinity of hospitals and nursing homes

2. orders

  • in connection with the establishment of paid parking spaces
  • in connection with the marking of parking spaces for severely handicapped persons with exceptional walking disabilities and blind persons as well as for residents
  • for the marking of pedestrian areas and traffic-calmed areas
  • to protect the population from noise and exhaust fumes or to support orderly urban development
  • for the establishment of 30 km/h zones in residential areas
  • to organise moving and stationary traffic by means of traffic signs and guidance devices as well as road markings
  • for the installation (general arrangement) of light signal systems, pedestrian crossings
  • for the installation of public transport stops
  • the installation of loading and unloading points for goods deliveries and relocations
  • No-stopping regulations for the implementation of street cleaning and bulky waste collection points

3. granting of exemptions and permits in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO)

  • Exemption permits according to § 46 StVO for road traffic
  • Permits to drive contrary to the Sunday driving ban according to § 30 StVO
  • Exemption from the obligation to wear a seat belt or a helmet according to § 21 a StVO
  • the issue of speed limit 1 00 stickers for vehicle trailers in accordance with the 9th Exemption Ordinance to the StVO
  • Permits for events in public traffic areas in accordance with § 29 II StVO.

4. licensing authority for the transport business (taxi, rental cars etc.) incl. monitoring and supervision
5. issuance of taxi regulations and taxi tariff regulations according to § 47 (3) PBefG
6. licensing authority for the transport industry (issuing of driver certificates, issuing of community licences)
7. licensing procedures for heavy goods transport
8. enforcement of the law on dangerous goods
9. management and participation in the municipal traffic accident commission
10. traffic coordination of construction sites in public traffic areas
11. coordination of traffic organisation measures in the traffic safety working group (fire department, police, local transport company, Wifö, VK Planung, KSJ, City Manager, StVB)


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Am Anger 26, ground floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-5380
  1. Creation, maintenance, preparation, provision and delivery of digital and analogue maps and plans (city map, digital city map, topographic map, thematic maps, 3D city model)
  2. Transfer, preparation and provision of the automated real estate cadastre for the city administration and external users
  3. Maintenance of the cadastral information system: extracts from the official real estate map or the real estate register for the territory of the Free State of Thuringia
  4. Preparation and provision of aerial photographs for the city administration and external users
  5. Surveying services for the city administration and municipal enterprises (setting out, as-built surveys, preparation of planning bases, deformation surveying, area determination, mass determinations, building interior surveys, preservation of evidence, facade surveys, line documentation, surveys during construction, surveying for partition proposals)
  6. technical and design support for GIS users
  7. line information for public utilities
  8. Creation of drone surveys for municipal administration and municipal enterprises (overview surveys, terrain models, 3D models, orthophotos, updating of municipal map products)
  9. Provision and updating of municipal open geodata according to the EU-INSPIRE guidelines in the Geoproxy Thuringia
  10. Coordination and administration of higher-level projects and tasks in the field of geodata


Department 3 - Am Anger 26

Department 3 - Am Anger 26

Am Anger 26
07743 Jena

Department 3 - Am Anger 26

Am Anger 26
07743 Jena