Department 4 - Family, Education & Social Affairs

Family, Education & Social Affairs

Department 4 consists of the following departments and divisions:

  • Area of the head of department
  • Youth and Education (Youth Welfare Office)
  • Youth welfare (Youth Welfare Office)
  • Social welfare (Social Welfare Office)
  • Health (Health Office)
Organigramm Dezernat 4
Organigramm Dezernat Familie, Bildung und Soziales
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Lutherplatz 3, attic
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2701

Integrated social planning

  1. Social and educational monitoring (social and educational reporting, establishment of IT tools for processing social and educational data)
  2. Implementation of the poverty prevention strategy
  3. Preparation of the day-care centre requirement plan (annually and in the medium term)
  4. Preparation of the youth development plan (annually and in the medium term)
  5. Preparation of the subdivision plan for assistance in upbringing
  6. Networking of day-care centre requirements and school network planning
  7. Planning of measures for assistance to the elderly in accordance with § 71 SGB XII
  8. Updating the network plan for municipal playgrounds and open schoolyards; medium-term financial planning
  9. Participation in specialist planning of the specialist services
  10. Representative for people with disabilities - representation of interests and advice
  11. Participation in product descriptions, targets and key figures, cost and performance accounting and budget planning
  12. Preparation of reports and analyses for matters with financial and/or control-relevant effects
  13. Development of strategic objectives for the municipal educational landscape
  14. Establishment of permanent control and cooperation structures in the educationgarea including quality assurance of the cooperation of youth welfare andhule
  15. Development of concepts for social and educational topics

Budget Department 4

  1. Preparation of budget planning and processing of all budgetary matters of the department, including subordinate facilities
  2. Coordination of financial flows within the department - externally as well as to the own operations
  3. Application for and settlement of subsidies
  4. Inventory of the GVG and the tangible fixed assets of Department 4
  5. Preparation of budget reports/quarterly reports
  6. Contract management/controlling
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Am Anger 13, 2nd floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2671

Communal schools

  1. Support for the two, and from the school year 2019/20 probably three, community schools in municipal sponsorship.

School / School administration

  1. School network planning / school development planning for primary schools, community schools, grammar schools, special schools and vocational schools
  2. Elaboration and updating of school development concepts, taking into account the content of the educational work and the financial requirements necessary for it
  3. Pupil matters such as pupil transport/mobility ticket or participation in the safety of school routes
  4. Updating the school network plan
  5. Equipment of schools
  6. School hostel "Stern
  7. Media centre
  8. Updating of the annual vocational school network in cooperation with other regional authorities and the state of Thuringia
  9. Analyses of the demand for vocational training

Child day care

  1. Specialist advice on day care for children (specialist advice and support for parents and day carers)
  2. Child day care administration (preparation of notifications, administration of KTP)
  3. Administrator for independent providers and statistics (compilation of state statistics, operating permit inspections, supervision of all day care centres, management of the Jena day care centre portal)
  4. Specialist advice for day care centres (according to § 11 ThürKitaG) (overall responsibility for the specialist advice of the Jena day care centres, responsibility for the networking of all Jena specialist advisors, suggestion and implementation of quality development processes as well as organisation and implementation of specialist days for heads as well as further and advanced training on specific topics.
  5. Specialist advice for inclusion in day care centres (according to § 7 ThürKitaG) (support for day care centres and parents when children with impending disabilities are admitted, cooperation with the integration service of the city of Jena)

Municipal day care centers

  1. Operation of the 11 municipal day-care centres for children
  2. Specialist advice and coordination (further development of the concepts, quality development in the facilities according to the quality handbook)

Youth work/ youth social work

  1. Youth work projects
  2. Planning of youth work / youth social work
  3. municipal youth centre / youth counselling
  4. School social work
  5. street social work
  6. legal and educational youth protection
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Am Anger 13, 2nd floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2706

General Social Service

Team City Centre 0049 3641 49-2711
Lobeda Team 0049 3641 49-2801
Team Winzerla 0049 3641 49-2850
  1. Exercise of the state guardianship in the context of child protection
  2. Advice on shared living arrangements for mothers/fathers and children, on care and provision for children in emergency situations,
  3. general educational counselling and determination of the need for support and assistance
  4. Selection, granting, mediation, monitoring and follow-up of outpatient, day-care and inpatient help for upbringing in accordance with Book VIII of the Social Code (SGB VIII), the granting of such help and process management
  5. Out-of-court counselling and support for mothers, fathers and guardians in questions of separation, divorce, contact and the exercise of custody of persons
  6. Support of young adults and, if necessary, granting of benefits according to SGB VIII
  7. Integration assistance in accordance with SGB VIII to overcome impairments to participation
  8. Participation in family court proceedings in accordance with the FamFG, in particular with regard to custody and access arrangements, in child and guardianship matters and in matters of protection against violence.

Integration service

City Centre Team 0049 3641 49-2798
Team Winzerla 0049 3641 49-2850
  1. Integration assistance for children, adolescents and young adults in outpatient, partial inpatient and inpatient form according to SGB VIII and SGB XII
  2. Exercise of the state guardianship in the context of child protection
  3. Support and granting of assistance for upbringing in accordance with Book VIII of the Social Code for families with children and adolescents in need of integration assistance
  4. Support for young adults

Child and youth welfare facility

August-Bebel-Strasse 34 0049 3641 49-2811
  1. Inpatient accommodation and care for children, adolescents and young adults from families with and without a migration background on the basis of § 41 SGB VIII, § 34 SGB VIII
  2. ION office according to § 42 and § 42 a SGB VIII

Family counselling

Hugo-Schrade-Strasse 41 0049 3641 49-2862
  1. Educational counselling for mothers, fathers and other legal guardians
  2. Family counselling to clarify and deal with individual and family-related problems, including couples counselling for parents
  3. Counselling and support in the exercise of personal custody and rights of access
  4. Developmental psychological counselling for parents with infants and toddlers
  5. Youth counselling and counselling of young adults
  6. Psychological performance diagnostics to determine primary and secondary performance prerequisites / school career counselling
  7. Group offers for children of primary school age to strengthen social competence / the ability to concentrate

Economic youth welfare

Am Anger 13, 2nd floor 0049 3641 49-2786
  1. Home and care costs including cost recovery
  2. Accounting of integration assistance according to SGB VIII and SGB XII
  3. Accounting of help for upbringing
  4. Examination of responsibility according to SGB VIII and SGB XII
  5. Negotiation of cost rates for assistance in raising children and for integration assistance according to SGB VIII and SGB XII

Advance maintenance payments

Am Anger 13, 2nd floor 0049 3641 49-2786
  1. Granting of advance maintenance payments
  2. Recourse

Youth Court Assistance

August-Bebel-Strasse 3 0049 3641 49-2798
  1. Counselling and support for juveniles, adolescents in the run-up to criminal proceedings
  2. Care of adolescents, adolescents during the criminal proceedings
  3. Support for juveniles and Adolescents after criminal proceedings
  4. Assistance planning
  5. Simplified assistance planning procedure for Supervision and socio-pedagogical training courses
  6. Support during the execution of the juvenile sentence or youth detention and implementation of the reintegration process

Youth vocational assistance

August-Bebel-Strasse 3 0049 3641 49-2798
  1. Individual case assistance for unemployed youths or youths threatened by unemployment and young adults (Supervision of the contact point; counselling, accompaniment and planning of support offers; support in the search for training and jobs as well as in the preparation of applications)
  2. Coordination of the ESF project "JUGEND STÄRKEN im Quartier" (Strengthening Youth in the Neighbourhood)

Special social services

Am Anger 13, 2nd floor 0049 3641 49-2798
  1. Adoption agency
  2. Official guardianship and care
  3. Foster child service
  4. Early help
  5. First visit service
  6. Legal guardianship and notarizations (maintenance / paternity acknowledgments, custody declarations)
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Lutherplatz 3, attic
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-4601

Debtor and consumer insolvency advice

  1. General debt counselling
  2. Preparation and support in consumer insolvency proceedings
  3. Financial assistance in special cases, e.g. rent and energy debts
  4. Services for inmates in prison

Basic income support and assistance with living costs within institutions

  1. Benefits for basic security in old age and in the event of incapacity for work as well as benefits for assistance with living costs within institutions according to SGB XII
  2. Outpatient and inpatient integration assistance for disabled persons
  3. assistance with care inside and outside inpatient facilities
  4. assisted living for people in particular social difficulties
  5. assumption of funeral costs / reimbursement of costs by heirs
  6. Cooperation with associations, authorities and other organisations of the disabled in disability-specific questions

Basic income support and assistance for subsistence outside of institutions

  1. Benefits for basic security in old age and in the event of disability as well as benefits for subsistence outside of facilities in accordance with SGB XII (Social Code Book XII)
  2. Tasks under the Act on Compensation for Occupational Disadvantages for Victims of Political Persecution in the Accession Territory (Occupational Rehabilitation Act)
  3. Tasks under the Maintenance Act/securing maintenance for persons performing military and civilian service
  4. Benefits of the education and participation package for recipients of benefits according to SGB XII, housing benefit and child supplement
  5. Blind person's allowance
  6. Aid for the blind

Refugee matters and transitional housing

  1. Planning, administration and operation of municipal facilities for the accommodation of refugees and immigrants
  2. Support and advice
  3. Cost reimbursement processing
  4. Sickness assistance according to SGB XII and AsylbLG
  5. Benefits according to the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act
  6. Homeless matters

Guardianship authority

  1. Tasks according to the guardianship law
  2. Tasks according to the guardianship authority law
  3. Assumption and management of authority guardianship (guarantor function)

Municipal utility services

  1. Disability assessment procedure


  1. Tasks according to the housing subsidy law


Phone E-mail address

Lutherplatz 3, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3121

Official medical service

  1. Assessments according to civil service law, fitness for service for civil servants with long-term illnesses, law on benefits (outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation) funeral law, assessments of additional needs (cost-intensive nutrition), reasonableness of moving into smaller living space for health reasons and necessity of prescribing medical benefits according to SGB II and XII
  2. Health examinations of asylum seekers who have not been examined in initial reception facilities, assessment of fitness to travel and prescription of medical/dental benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act
  3. Licensing procedures for non-medical practitioners
  4. Examinations of students with regard to examination eligibility, extension of writing time, semesters off, change of subject, child benefit and Bafög granting as well as issuing of corresponding official medical certificates and attestations
  5. subject-related court opinions
  6. registration and supervision of health care professions within the framework of medical supervision
  7. archiving death certificates and electronic data processing with reporting to the cancer register, checking death certificates for plausibility of the type of death and diagnoses leading to death
  8. Patient file management in accordance with retention periods for patient files from the polyclinics of the former GDR
  9. Carrying out the second post-mortem examination and, if necessary, arranging administrative sections
  10. Certifications

Dental service

Address Telephone E-mail address

Lutherplatz 3, ground floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3283
  1. Dental appraisal in the law of subsidies
  2. preventive dental examinations in the sense of serial examinations according to ThürKitaG, ThürSchulG, SchulgespflVO and § 21 SGB V
  3. Implementation of group prophylaxis according to § 21 SGB V
  4. Statistical recording and epidemiological evaluations
  5. health promotion and education with regard to dental health within the scope of examining and advising activities

Social psychiatric service

Address Telephone E-mail address

Lutherplatz 3, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3132
  1. Pre- and aftercare for mentally ill people, addicts, counselling and care for affected people and relatives, outreach work according to ThürPsychKG
  2. Psychosocial counselling according to § 16 a SGB II
  3. sovereign tasks according to ThürPsychKG
  4. Public relations work and prevention/projects as well as networking within the municipality, in particular within the framework of the community psychiatric network
  5. Assessment, counselling on measures of integration assistance and interdisciplinary assistance plan conferences within the framework of integration assistance according to SGB XII
  6. Coordination of addiction support, adjustment of needs and quality assurance of addiction support work
  7. Coordination and regional planning of psychiatric care
  8. Expert opinion on behalf of other authorities and courts on questions of eligibility, need for support, benefits, negotiability, fitness for trial and fitness for detention.

Medical service for children and adolescents

Address Telephone E-mail address

Lutherplatz 3, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3282
  1. School enrolment examinations in accordance with the Thuringian School Law and Thuringian School Regulations with a statement on the development of the children, collection of vaccination data.
  2. Annual preventive medical examinations in the sense of serial examinations of entire age groups according to ThürKitaG, ThürSchulG, ThürSchulO, ThürFSG and SchulgespflVO
  3. orthodox medical reports for children and adolescents
  4. Consultations for handicapped children and adolescents and those threatened by handicap according to § 59 SGB XII
  5. Expert opinions in the integration assistance procedure according to § 58 SGB XII § 35 a SGB VIII
  6. Advice for institutions, children and adolescents and their guardians
  7. Sports certificates
  8. Statistical collection of health data with preparation for reporting and epidemiological health reporting according to ThürÖGD-VO and ÖGDG

hygiene/infection control

Address Subject Telephone E-mail
Lutherplatz 3, ground floor
07743 Jena
Health passport / infection protection 0049 3641 49-3200
Hospital Hygiene 0049 3641 49-3129
Drinking and bathing water 0049 3641 49-3293
  1. Prevention and control of communicable diseases according to IfSG as a sovereign task
  2. Vaccinations according to STIKO recommendations, vaccination advice, advice on travel vaccinations
  3. HIV testing, testing for other sexually transmitted diseases and advice on prophylaxis and protection against infection
  4. Initiation of measures for the prevention and spread of tuberculosis diseases
  5. Infection-hygienic surveillance of communal facilities and accommodations
  6. Infection-hygienic surveillance of hotels and youth facilities
  7. surveillance and control of drinking water quality in the context of markets and large events
  8. Surveillance and control of drinking water quality including water extraction and supply facilities according to IfSG and TrinkwasserVO
  9. Monitoring and control of water quality and facilities in baths and bathing waters
  10. Supervision and control of waste water facilities, waste disposal facilities
  11. Monitoring of funeral and cemetery facilities
  12. Advice on indoor hygiene
  13. Health assessment of environmental influences, including handling of citizens' complaints, counselling and education
  14. Recording, evaluation and communication of epidemiologically significant events and biological hazards, measures to avert danger in the context of disaster control
  15. Infection hygiene surveillance and advice for hospitals, outpatient surgery facilities, dialysis facilities, day clinics, maternity facilities, blood donation facilities
  16. Infection-hygienic surveillance of and advice to in-patient care facilities and out-patient care services, non-medical practitioners, podiatrists, cosmetic chiropody facilities and tattoo studios.
  17. Infection-hygiene surveillance of prostitution establishments
  18. Information and counselling on STI transmission routes
  19. Initial instruction with costs according to § 43 IfSG (persons who commercially produce food)
  20. Establishment of the working group MRE-Network Jena and coordination of the network work according to §13 ThürmedHygVO

Department of Family, Education & Social Affairs

Department of Family, Education & Social Affairs

Lutherplatz 3
07743 Jena

Department of Family, Education & Social Affairs

Lutherplatz 3
07743 Jena