Department 2 - Finance, Security & Citizen Services

Finance, Security & Citizen Services

Department 2 consists of the following specialist services:

  • Budget and Controlling
  • Accounting and enforcement
  • Civil status and residence law
  • Citizen and family services
  • Municipal order (Ordnungsamt)
  • Fire department
Dezernat Finanzen, Sicherheit und Bürgerservice
Organigramm Dezernat 2, Stand 01.07.2021
Address Phone E-mail address

Am Anger 28, 2nd floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3006

Budget management

Planning of the budget management
  1. Preparation of profit and loss and financial planning, including planning of individual investment measures and necessary commitment appropriations
Budget execution
  1. Processing of over- and unplanned appropriations and budget transfers
  2. Checking the financial effects of proposed resolutions
  3. Managing asset accounting (asset entry, valuation, depreciation, acquisitions/disposals, year-end closing balance, central inventory management)
  4. Processing financial grants for investments and other subsidies
  5. Preparation and implementation of budget blocks
  6. Participation in the VOL award commission
Annual financial statement
  1. Preparation and implementation of transfers of authorizations
  2. Preparation of the annual financial statements
  3. Processing of business relations with the city for the preparation of the overall financial statement
Further tasks
  1. Management of credit transactions, guarantees, loan and debt management
  2. Processing of applications for deferral, waiver and remission (excluding OWIG, SGB VIII and SGB XII)
  3. Handling the task of the municipality as tax debtor including implementation of § 2b UStG in coordination with the municipal enterprises (central responsibility for the implementation of TAX compliance)
  4. Preparation of financial statistics
  5. Preparation of regulations for the financial system of the city of Jena
Central grant processing in accordance with the general grant guidelines (AZR)
  1. Formal and economic review of applications
  2. Ensuring general standards in accordance with AZR and advising grant recipients
  3. Preparation of recommendations for the awarding bodies
  4. Examination of calls for funds and ensuring the management of funds
  5. Examination of the proof of use including the issuing of notifications

Controlling and statistics

  1. Supporting and advising the administrative management in the performance of its controlling and management functions
  2. Carrying out target/actual comparisons, variance analyses, ad hoc analyses
  3. Development of instruments for planning and control processes and support of decentralized controlling
  4. Ensuring the interests of the city as a whole in the exercise of decentralized budget responsibility
  5. Maintenance and qualification of product targets and key figures
  6. Analysis of the decentralized control reports of the departments, municipal corporations, and stock corporations (see also Investment Controlling).
  7. Preparation of the central control report
  8. Provision and further development of a standardized controlling system for managers (BI system)
  9. Development and maintenance of a city-wide opportunity and risk management system
  10. IT controlling
  11. Preparation of the overall financial statement
  12. Preparation and further development of internal instructions (overall financial statement guidelines/manual)
  13. Participation in the transfer of tasks between administration and participations
  14. Participation controlling, in particular participation in economic planning, annual financial statements, reporting as well as Mandate support (Preparation of committee meetings in the form of statements and advice to executives and supervisory committees)
  1. Maintenance of a documentation and information system as well as the statistisspatial reference
  2. Determination and delivery of data for e.g. federal statistics, IRB, KOSTAT, Deutscher Städtetag (German Association of Cities)
  3. Processing of external and internal enquiries on e.g. population, elections, street directory
  4. Maintenance and updating of street directory, building file, registration office software
  5. Preparation of city district statistics
  6. Collaboration in the implementation of censuses and central surveys (e.g. census)
  7. Participation in the preparation, implementation and result determination of elections

Municipal taxes

  1. Examination and processing of assessment and apportionment notices, tax returns, change applications and other taxation bases
  2. Tax assessment, determination of advance payments and interest
  3. Processing/maintenance of tax-relevant master data (address data, property and business data, data on dog ownership)
  4. Processing of objections
  5. Correspondence with citizens, tax and legal advisors as well as other authorities and institutions
  6. Providing information in person and by telephone
  7. Processing of applications for suspension of execution
  8. Examination of liability claims; preparation of liability notices
  9. Assistance with applications for deferment, waiver or remission of debts
  10. Budget processing for the area of municipal taxes
  11. Creation and analysis of statistics for the municipal tax area
  12. Research, creation and updating of address data in the HKR for the entire city administration

Budget departments 1-3

  1. Development of the budget estimates for the profit and loss and financial planning, including investment measures and commitment appropriations in cooperation with the departments 1 (Central Service), 2 (Finance, Security and Citizen Services) and 3 (Urban Development and Environment)
  2. Processing, booking and monitoring of all financially relevant business transactions for these departments
  3. Monitoring of rental and other contracts of use of the departments with their own companies
  4. Monitoring of budgets, participation in reporting (preparation of quarterly reports) and other controlling tasks
  5. Inventory of the other movable fixed assets of the departments
  6. Business auditing of applications for federal funds and proof of use of funds

Foreigners' Registration Office

Address Telephone E-mail address

Löbdergraben 12, 3rd floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3761
  1. Processing and deciding on applications for residence by foreigners
  2. Approval or refusal of entry applications (visa procedure)
  3. Examination of declarations of commitment, security deposits, reclaims, deportation costs
  4. Granting and refusal of residence titles, tolerations, permits
  5. Determination of German language skills, integration course entitlements and/or obligations
  6. Approval procedure for employment agency
  7. Support for naturalisation and citizenship of children
  8. Termination of residence, clarification of identity and passport procurement, appeal procedures
  9. Continuous data maintenance (esp. AZR), data reconciliation with authorities, statistics
  10. Information on the current legal situation to employers, authorities, associations, aid organisations, etc.

Registry office

Address Telephone E-mail address

Market 2, 2nd floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3470
  1. Notarisation of new births, marriages and deaths - also with foreign participation
  2. Execution of marriages
  3. Subsequent certification of births, marriages and deaths abroad at the request of entitled persons
  4. issuing certificates of marriageability for marriages of German citizens abroad
  5. keeping the registers of births, marriages and deaths
  6. Receipt and registration of declarations relevant to personal status in accordance with the PStG, possible certification of church resignations and certificates on their effectiveness
  7. Issuing of documents from the registers for entitled persons
  8. Advice and decisions on citizenship law
  9. Registration of same-sex partnerships
  10. Advice and decisions on official changes of first name and family name
  11. Continuous data maintenance, data reconciliation with authorities, statistics
  12. Information on the current legal situation to employers, authorities, associations, aid organisations, etc.

Citizen Service

Address Telephone E-mail address

Löbdergraben 12, ground floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3714
  1. Updating of the local motor vehicle register,
  2. Processing of vehicle registration procedures (registration and deregistration, transfer, changes to vehicles, loss/theft, etc.)
  3. Administrative enforcement measures in the event of violations of the provisions of the FZV
  4. Issuance of fee-based information on the owner and register in connection with the levying of fees
  5. Management/maintenance/updating of the local population register
  6. Processing of passports and identity cards (application, dispatch, production, issue, loss of documents)
  7. Management/maintenance/updating of passport and ID card registers
  8. Processing of registration, updating of the register of residents, registration, de-registration and change of registration, personal documents, information from the register of residents, certificates of good conduct
  9. Processing of resident parking and parking for the disabled
  10. Issuing EU driving licences and keeping records
  11. Issuance of electronic residence permits, preparation of freedom of movement certificates
  12. Authentication, signature certification
  13. Telephone information and advice as well as making appointments (customer management)
  14. Citizens' advice, referral of citizens to other specialist services and advice on the city administration

Family Service

Address Telephone E-mail address

Löbdergraben 12, 2nd floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3798
  1. Family Information Point
  2. Processing of federal parental allowance
  3. Fees and charges for the use of day nurseries
  4. Fees for the use of after-school care
  5. Waiver / assumption of participation fees according to SGB VIII
  6. Pupil BAföG
  7. Auditing of luncheon costs according to Bildung & Teilhabe (education and participation)

Driving licence authority

Address Telephone E-mail address

Löbdergraben 12, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3730
  1. Management/maintenance/updating of the local driver's license register
  2. Processing of driving licence cases
  3. Enforcement of administrative coercion measures of the StVG and the Driving Licence Ordinance
  4. Processing of driver card
  5. Professional driver qualification and further training

Lost property office

Address Telephone E-mail address

Löbdergraben 12, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2523
  1. Management, updating and maintenance of lost property register
  2. Receiving and processing reports on lost and found objects, finder's reward and collection of fees
  3. Announcing, storing, issuing and destroying lost and found objectsn


Address Telephone E-mail address

Löbdergraben 12, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3702
  1. Preparation, organisation and implementation of European, Federal Parliament, state parliament and local elections as well as migration elections
  2. Preparation, organisation and implementation of citizens' petitions, citizens' petitions and citizens' referendums according to ThürEBBG

Municipal security

Address Phone E-mail address

Am Anger 28, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2506
  1. Approval or prohibition of public events
  2. Assemblies (bans, conditions, cooperation talks, etc.)
  3. Granting or refusal of permits under weapons law with control and monitoring activities (e.g. weapons dealers, shooting ranges, etc.)
  4. Granting or refusal of hunting and fishing licenses with control and monitoring activities (e.g. shooting plans, hunting cooperatives, etc.)
  5. Granting or refusal of long-term and short-term special use permits (e.g. outdoor management, product displays, information stands, promotion, etc.)
  6. Preliminary examination for the approval of fireworks (approval granted by the State Office for Consumer Protection in Erfurt)
  7. Drones - confirmation or cancellation of the flight date, request for proof of appropriate liability insurance, consent of the property owner, for drones over 5 kg, additional proof of permission from the Thür. State Administration Office,
  8. Granting or refusal of permission to hold a raffle, collection, etc.
  9. Burial of deceased persons without relatives, or relatives who refuse burial or cannot be reached at short notice, and securing the estate.
  10. Accommodation of the homeless
  11. Safety precautions in bathing establishments, requirements for self-monitoring of bathing water and bathing prohibitions
  12. Granting/denying the keeping of dangerous animals according to the Thuringian law for the protection of the population against animal dangers (except dogs)

Central Investigation and Enforcement Service (ZEVD)

Address Telephone E-mail address

Am Anger 28, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2519
  1. Order and execution of all measures to maintain public safety and order, prevention of dangers, elimination of disturbances (e.g. unauthorized fires)
  2. Monitoring of compliance with requirements at public events, rallies and demonstrations
  3. Monitoring the prohibition of alcohol in certain public areas and issuing warnings subject to a fee or initiating fine proceedings
  4. Controls according to weapons law (monitoring the proper storage of weapons), youth protection (alcohol, tobacco) and trade law
  5. Controls of child welfare endangerment and compliance with compulsory school attendance, compulsory school admissions
  6. Investigative activities for the fine office and other specialist services (e.g. illegal waste disposal, control of prohibition of use by the building regulations department, infringement of the registration law, etc.), external authorities and public institutions and ordering of measures, residence investigations, establishing identity
  7. Issuing of expulsions (e.g. street musicians, aggressive begging), controls and monitoring of compliance with residents' obligations (e.g. street cleaning and winter service), dog owners' obligations (liability, tax), fishery controls and issuing of warnings subject to costs or initiation of fine procedures
  8. Prevention of danger from dogs, confiscation of dangerous dogs, imposition of conditions (e.g. leash requirements) with the threat of a fine, enforcement of a fine and issuing of warnings with costs or initiation of fine proceedings.
  9. Securing of found animals, supervision and control of the proper found animal proofs by the animal shelter association
  10. Control of special uses and issuance of warnings with costs or initiation of fine proceedings
  11. Enforcement actions (e.g. seizure, agreement and monitoring)
  12. Home admission to homeless shelter in case of evictions
  13. Searches of apartments to secure estates
  14. defence against offences against statutes and ordinances in self-administration matters
  15. Investigation activities in connection with driver's arrests for traffic violations in flowing traffic (driver's license revocation)
  16. Address and residence investigations for all areas of the city administration
  17. Receipt and processing of citizen complaints
  18. Enforcement and orders for the immobilisation of motor vehicles
  19. Enforcement of the municipal street cleaning and street cleaning statutes

Commercial matters

Address Telephone E-mail address

Am Anger 28, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2161
  1. Enforcement/supervision of the trade regulations, processing of trade notifications, keeping of the trade register
  2. Issuing of information from the trade register
  3. Issuing of licences under the Trade Regulation Act (Sections 33 ff; 34 ff; 55 ff; 69 GewO)
  4. Revocation and withdrawal procedures of the above-mentioned permits, procedures to prevent commercial activities without the required permit (§15 GewO)
  5. Enforcement/supervision of catering regulations (ThürGastG, SperrzeitVO)
  6. Enforcement/supervision of gambling regulations (ThürGlüG, ThürSpielhallenG, GlüStV, SpielV)
  7. Enforcement/monitoring of Thuringian shop opening law and price indication law
  8. Enforcement/monitoring of Thuringian public holiday law
  9. Enforcement/monitoring of chimney sweep law (SchHwG, KÜO) and supervision of authorised district chimney sweeps
  10. Enforcement/supervision of ancillary trade laws and ordinances (including ThürNRSchutzG, TextilKG, DL-InfoV, MaBV, VerstV, BewachV, PfandlV, FinVermV)
  11. Enforcement/supervision tasks in the fields of trade and illegal employment law
  12. Execution of warning and initiation of fine proceedings
  13. Exercise of information and access rights (including GewO, ThürGastG, ThürLadÖffG, ThürSpielhallenG,)
  14. Control/enforcement/execution actions by field staff

Traffic monitoring

Address Telephone E-mail address

Am Anger 28, ground floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-5364
  1. Traffic control in stationary traffic
  2. Control of compliance with the maximum speed limit on the basis of the administrative regulation for the prosecution and punishment of road traffic offences by the police and municipalities (VwV VA-StVOWi)
  3. Order of danger prevention measures by seizure and removal of vehicles parked in violation of traffic regulations
Address Phone E-mail address

Am Anger 28, GAZ, BT B
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-9111

Central control centre

  1. Organisation and maintenance of a central control centre for local and supra-regional emergency calls in the area of responsibility
  2. Organization and supervision of the service operation in the three service shifts of the central control station
  3. Nationwide coordination of airborne secondary operations
  4. Coordination of the operations of the ground-based rescue service as well as the air rescue service in the area of responsibility for all relief organisations involved as well as the emergency pastoral service
  5. Documentation and coordination of all operational measures
  6. Procurement and maintenance of communications equipment
  7. Coordination of ambulance transports without special signal (to the clinic, to the doctor's practice, discharges)
  8. Organising and ensuring the training and further education of the staff of the central control centre

Preventive emergency response

  1. Expert opinions in the context of the building supervisory approval procedure
  2. Implementation of hazard prevention inspections
  3. Instruction in fire protection, fire prevention education
  4. Integration of the city council's occupational safety officer
  5. Planning and technical processing of fire alarm systems
  6. Deployment preparation
  7. Expert opinion, consulting and testing in questions of technical fire protection fire protection
  8. Fire protection officer of the city administration
  9. Statements on major events, markets and street festivals
  10. Planning to ensure the fire water supply for the city of Jena

Disaster control / rescue service

  1. Organisation, planning and coordination of civil protection and disaster control as well as preparation and implementation of operational exercises
  2. Coordination of the tasks and training of the aid organisations involved in disaster control
  3. Establishment of the units and facilities of disaster control, performance of the tasks of the lower disaster control authority in accordance with § 15 ZSKG and ThürBKG
  4. Carrying out regular and consecutive exercises to test the disaster control plans
  5. Supervision of psychosocial emergency care (PSNV)
  6. Management of disaster control
  7. Budget management for federal disaster control grants
  8. Preparation and updating of the rescue service area plan of the city of Jena to ensure a demand-oriented and area-wide ground-based rescue service
  9. Planning and supervision of the training and further education of the rescue service personnel
  10. Organization and control of the accounting of the fire brigade and RD operations as well as the billing of charges
  11. Preparation and execution of contract negotiations with the cost bearers (health insurance companies) in the RD as well as with executing third parties (auxiliary organisations and companies)
  12. Ensuring the warning of the population (e.g. sirens)
  13. Flood protection / heavy rain events (flash floods) / water defence


  1. Organization of the emergency service in the three guard departments and two permanently manned guards
  2. Planning and execution of fire and relief operations
  3. Planning and execution of exercises
  4. Preparation / execution of special rescue operations on the water and at height (height and water rescue service)
  5. Securing the duty officer of the city administration (A-duty)
  6. Personnel planning
  7. Control of triggered burglar alarm systems of the city administration

Training and further education / volunteer fire brigades

  1. Training and further education of the fire brigade technical service
  2. Instruction, coordination and control of the 15 volunteer fire brigades and eight youth fire brigades
  3. Planning, organisation and control of basic and advanced training for the fire brigade of the city of Jena (professional fire brigade/voluntary fire brigades)
  4. Organization and execution of basic courses for the career training to the middle fire-brigade-technical service (B1) also for achievement-accepting third parties
  5. Ensuring the necessary basic and advanced training of the fire brigade, conducting courses and monitoring the necessary (occupational) medical assessments
  6. Personnel and training planning including organization in the rotation procedure for the employees of the control center in the operational service
  7. Organisation and implementation of training courses for operational self-help staff (e.g. FSU hospital) who are taking part in the service
  8. Fire protection education


  1. Planning and constructional maintenance of the fire brigade apparatus houses and the extinguishing ponds
  2. Installation, equipment and technical management of equipment and vehicles of the professional and volunteer fire brigades as well as the federally owned disaster control vehicles
  3. Maintenance of various workshops and warehouses for the preservation, maintenance and testing of respiratory protection equipment, chemical protection suits, hoses, motor vehicle workshop including the associated clothing
  4. Operation of a training facility for respiratory protection
  5. Procurement and maintenance of emergency vehicles and equipment

Department 2 - Am Anger 28

Department 2 - Am Anger 28

Am Anger 28
07743 Jena

Department 2 - Am Anger 28

Am Anger 28
07743 Jena