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Control center reform continues


On Tuesday, May 9, 2023, district administrators and representatives from eight districts and independent cities, the Ministry of the Interior and the rescue service associations of East Thuringia and South Thuringia were guests in Jena and learned about the current status of the state project regional control centers and the personnel concept for the future regional control centers in Thuringia, which was developed under the leadership of the Jena Fire Department.

The aim of the state project is to establish regional control centers throughout Thuringia that will be operated jointly with neighboring counties or independent cities.

"An up-to-date control center landscape is long overdue in the Free State. Redundancies must be created in the event of system failures, structures must be efficiently bundled due to an increasing volume of operations, and costs must be sustainably reduced through synergies in technology and personnel," says Jena's head of finance Benjamin Koppe. The rescue control centers are the most important component in the rescue chain for the population in an emergency and with the control center structure reform, a sustainable optimization of the control center quality will be achieved. "Therefore, in addition to the continued support of the Free State for the implementation of the overall project, a coherent personnel concept for the new structure is needed to ensure an improved level of safety in all regional authorities. It is fundamentally about defining common quality standards for control center personnel, improved framework conditions for personnel recruitment and development, and a guideline for mapping actual personnel requirements," says Benjamin Koppe.

Gera's mayor Kurt Dannenberg adds:

"The Gera site will be home to the control center and one of the two technical centers. These central services will bring improvements in technical support and staff training and development for all the control centers involved. In a multifunctional building, this will create the conditions that we have not been able to access so far, but urgently need."

The personnel concept is a decisive basis for the future control center structure in Thuringia and was developed by the specialist representatives from the participating control center areas. The administrative head of the Jena professional fire department, Marco Fohmann, was in charge of the concept. In essence, the concept describes the personnel structure for the control centers at the locations and also includes central services for the participating control centers, such as two redundant technical centers in Gera and Erfurt, a test platform and a central instruction control center for the dispatchers.

On May 25, 2023, all Thuringian counties and independent cities will be invited to Gotha to present the concept so that all participants can take advantage of the opportunity.

Vertreterinnen und Vertreter der Thüringer Leitstellen haben sich am 9.5.2023 in Jena getroffen Vertreterinnen und Vertreter der Thüringer Leitstellen haben sich am 9.5.2023 in Jena getroffen © Stadt Jena