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Detour of traffic in Knebelstraße


Since about 8:30 am of 12.6.2023, there is an assembly action of six people blocking the street in Knebelstraße. The assembly authority of the city of Jena is on site. This rally was not reported to the assembly authority, contrary to a duty to report anchored in the Assembly Act. The rally, which was not approved by the city, was ordered after sighting on site until 14 o'clock for the time being. Background is that from the non-notification of a rally in the reverse conclusion still no legal basis for a prohibition or an immediate dissolution of the same follows. For this, further circumstances would have to be added, e.g. an incipient unrest due to acts of violence. Such a situation does not exist on site.

Traffic is being diverted via Grietgasse and Paradiesstraße. Emergency services can pass at the said location.