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Eichplatz committee supports Jena application


The Eichplatz committee supports Jena's application for the Future Center and is preparing a letter of support. The applicant team for the Future Center was a guest at the workshop committee for the Eichplatz area on Thursday evening. The plans for a future center in Jena's city center and the resulting potential for the further development of the Eichplatz area were presented on the basis of the jointly developed 10 principles and the urban development framework plan. At the end of the event, the plans for the Future Center were given the green light, and the workshop committee will continue to be intensively involved in its conception and realization.

Urban Development Director Christian Gerlitz said: "I am very pleased that the members of the workshop committee also clearly support Jena's application for the Future Center for German Unity and European Transformation (ZET) on the Eichplatz site. By locating the Future Center at this site, one of the key points of the 10 principles would be fulfilled - the offer of public use, accessible to all free of charge. The valuable tips from yesterday's discussion have once again shown how important the workshop committee is as a source of ideas for the process of further development of the Eichplatzareal."