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Ernst-Abbe-Platz: Heat hotspot to become more attractive


Lord Mayor Dr. Thomas Nitzsche today accepted a grant for the climate-friendly conversion of Ernst-Abbe-Platz from Elisabeth Kaiser, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction. With the 6.3 million euros from the federal program "Adaptation of urban spaces to climate change", the federal government is covering 85% of the conversion costs. This is the second-highest level of funding in this tranche.

"With the funding program launched by the German Bundestag in 2020 for the 'Adaptation of urban spaces to climate change', we are supporting the climate-adapted design of Ernst-Abbe-Platz in Jena. The square, which was designed in the 1990s, is one of the most important open spaces in the city center, but can no longer fulfill its role due to the climatic conditions and the design of the square. I am therefore very pleased that we are able to provide a total of 6.375 million euros in funding for this project and thus make a significant contribution to improving the quality of this central square. In this way, one of the hottest and busiest places in the city center can be turned into another climatic oasis in Jena's urban space",

said Elisabeth Kaiser, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building.

Mayor Nitzsche was delighted that the square can now be renovated in a contemporary and climate-adapted way.

"Ernst-Abbe-Platz is a heat hotspot in Jena. We want to improve the quality of stay in every respect, which is now possible thanks to the federal funding."

Public participation

The planning and participation process is now to begin together with Friedrich Schiller University. Dr. Thomas Nitzsche also used the handover of the funding to invite citizens to take part in the participation process. All interested parties are invited to contribute their ideas, suggestions and comments at an early stage.

A first workshop will take place on 12.04.2024 from 17:00 to approx. 20:00 in lecture hall 5 of the Friedrich Schiller University. Here, the diverse requirements of residents, users and visitors for the square will be worked out, discussed and evaluated. For all those who are unable to attend the event, the City of Jena's participation platform also offers the opportunity to take part in the discussion online after the workshop date.

The results can be evaluated and commented on in the period from 23.04.202414:00 to 12.05.2024 24:00. Current information on the project will also be presented here in future.