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Hazardous goods operation by the fire department


The Jena fire department, including the hazardous goods train, was deployed to Jena University Hospital this Wednesday morning:

At around 08:30, the driver of a garbage truck and his passenger called the poison control center. Both complained of respiratory irritation after green vapors escaped when loading company waste. The poison control center recommended that they be examined at the university hospital. The poison control center automatically reported the incident to the police. The police informed the Jena fire department, which responded with the hazardous goods train and others due to the cargo.

In the meantime, the drivers had driven to the UKJ and parked the truck near the main entrance as they were experiencing clear symptoms at the time. The fire department cordoned off the area around the refuse collection vehicle to avoid endangering other people.

After investigating the situation and in consultation with the police, the hospital, the waste disposal company and the district fire inspector of the Saale-Holzland district, the vehicle was taken to the waste disposal company's premises in the Saale-Holzland district. There, Jena firefighters in light chemical protection suits took samples, which were examined by the waste disposal company and the police.

A total of around 15 vehicles from the Jena fire department were deployed. The occupants of the refuse collection vehicle suffered moderate respiratory irritation and have since been able to leave the hospital.