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Joint operation founded by Jenaer Nahverkehr and JES Verkehrsgesellschaft


Press release by Jenaer Nahverkehr and JES Verkehrsgesellschaft:

Jenaer Nahverkehr and JES Verkehrsgesellschaft were merged into a joint operation on 01.04.2024. The works agreement on a reconciliation of interests and social plan was signed jointly with the works councils of both companies and came into force with the establishment of the joint operation. Although both companies will remain formally independent, they will be managed as one company in future.

"The new joint operation enables the creation of a uniform mobility concept for the Jena / Saale-Holzland district transport area with the three main pillars of city bus, regional bus and streetcar. Synergy and scaling effects can thus be utilized even better," says Thomas Nitzsche, Lord Mayor of the City of Jena, commenting on the joint venture.

District Administrator Andreas Heller adds: "The joint public transport system is one of the best examples of our good cooperation between the city and district. Now it is a matter of achieving a sustainable effect for all sides and, above all, for the people who use buses and trains with the newly founded joint operation."

This primarily concerns the following points:

Deepening cooperation: The aim is harmonized operational cooperation under uniform management and a common cultural understanding for all employees.

Standardized regulations and working conditions: A positive and solidary working environment is created through the standardization of collective bargaining and company regulations.

Joint works council structure: For the time being, both works council bodies will remain in place in order to do justice to the different locations and employees.

Strengthening the attractiveness of the location: Improved working conditions and cooperation will increase the attractiveness of both locations.

Joint mobility concept: The merger of the transportation divisions is intended to create a sustainable and uniform mobility concept for the region.

The joint operation also contributes to environmental protection by conserving resources and promoting environmentally friendly measures. By sharing infrastructure and coordinating the use of vehicles, the aim is to achieve sustainable business practices.

"Jena's public transport system and the JES Verkehrsgesellschaft are already since the year 2022 in a parent-subsidiary relationship under company law. By establishing the joint operation as the logical next step, we are even better equipped for the future. better equipped for the future. We want to improve the mobility of all residents and meet the needs of our passengers even better" say the managing directors of Jenaer Nahverkehrs and JES Verkehrsgesellschaft, Andreas Möller and Steffen Gundermann.