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Long Nature Day and Jena Family Hiking Day on Saturday


Off to the Jena Forest on Saturday! There's a lot going on around the forum natura nature experience center on 8 June 2024. The 14th Jena Family Hiking Day starts at 10 am. At the same time, the children's and forest festival of the Berggesellschaft Forsthaus and a family festival will take place at the forum natura nature experience center. The family-friendly offers of the Long Day of Nature will follow at 4 pm.

14th Jena Family Hiking Day

At the 14th Jena Family Hiking Day, hikers of all ages can expect a four-kilometre route with various question stations on the subject of animals, forests and nature. Those who complete a station receive a stamp as a reward. Participants receive a certificate at the finish line. The hike leads past the forestry tower and the forester's lodge, both of which are open. The traditional children's and forestry festival also takes place at the forestry tower, so this stopover offers additional opportunities for fun and games for young and old.

A special highlight is the ride on the Tschuh-Tschuh cable car. Every hour from 9:30 a.m., the train chugs its way free of charge from the Mühltal terminus through the forest to Schottplatz, where the Family Hiking Day starts and where participants can get their starting numbers for one euro.

Family festival at the forum natura nature experience center

A family festival will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the large meadow area at Schottplatz on the grounds of the forum natura nature experience center. In addition to a straw bale bouncy castle, beekeeping demonstrations and alpaca walks, visitors can expect many other craft and activity offers. Food and drink will be provided.

The Jenaer Bündnis für Familie and the Förderkreis Familienfreundliches Jena e.V. are organizing the family hiking day together with partners such as the Stadtforst Jena.

Long day of nature

The family-friendly excursions for the Long Nature Day begin in the afternoon. The meeting point is the entrance to the Waldvilla on Schottplatz.

From 4 p.m. it's "Off into the forest". Participants discover the forest with fun, games and curiosity. On a short hike through the Jena Forest, they go in search of clues, listen to the sounds of the forest and marvel at the peculiarities and wonders of nature.

At 5:30 pm, all those interested are invited to the " Evening Bird Concert". Together with NABU's bird experts, they will go on an exploration tour. Which birds can be heard or spotted in the trees? During a short, leisurely tour, which is very suitable for families, participants will be surprised at how diverse the local birdlife is and how quickly they can distinguish the different songs.

At 19:00, the question arises: "What's that crawling?". Insect lovers and those who want to become one can take a close look at the creepy-crawlies on an evening excursion. The nature conservation experts will reveal what tricks the six-legged creatures have up their sleeves. You are asked to bring a magnifying glass, for example.

From 21:30, you can experience the insects of the night during a light trapping session. Which night owls are attracted and why? Together with the experts for six-legged creatures, participants will explore these questions and can take a close look at moths, beetles and other insects. After a brief introduction to the local world of butterflies in the Waldvilla, the nocturnal representatives in the surrounding area will be attracted from around 22:00.

Participation in the excursions is free of charge. Please register at naturerlebnis@jena.de. In the event of rain, the event may not take place as planned. Registered persons will be informed in such a case.