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Results of the Jena City Council


The voting results of the public part of the 46th City Council meeting held on Wednesday, June 28, 2023.
All submissions are entered in the city council system.

At the beginning took place the solemn and official welcome of a delegation from Lugoj, Romania within the framework of of the 40th anniversary of the town twinning.

Top Topic Result
1. Minutes of the 43rd meeting of the City Council on 19.04.23 Confirmed
2. Residents' question time
3. Question time
4. Major question from Bündnis 90/Die Grünen parliamentary group "Jena - family-friendly city! How does it live here?" received
5. Major interpellation parliamentary group DIE LINKE "Situation in Jena after the end of the pandemic" accepted
6. Proposed resolution by the mayor - extension of the change ban in the in the area of application of the development plan B-Bu 07 "Gewerbeflächen südlich Lobedaer Straße "Commercial areas south of Lobedaer Straße" in the district of Burgau
7. Resolution submitted by the Lord Mayor - Second amendment to the agreement for the construction of development facilities in or adjacent to the area of the development plan B-Bu 06 "Altes Gut Burgau" in the district of Burgau in the district of Burgau confirmed
8. Proposed resolution by the Lord Mayor - Resolution on the approval and display of the the draft of the project-related land-use plan VBB-Lo 14 "Wohnbebauung Theobald-Renner-Strasse unanimously confirmed
9. Resolution proposal of the Lord Mayor - Amendment of the option funding of the mittendrin e.V. 2022 - 2025 for the project ThINKA Jena Winzerla confirmed by majority
10. Proposed resolution by the Lord Mayor - Measures for the residents' application of the Alliance #nichtmituns (resubmission from 10.05.23 TOP 14 and 07.06.23 TOP 11) confirmed by majority
24. Draft resolution of the parliamentary group DIE LINKE - Change of local traffic tariffs (resubmission from 10.05.23 TOP 29) rejected
27. Proposed resolution SPD parliamentary group - Deutschlandticket also for Jenabonus holders confirmed by majority