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Severe weather warning of the German Weather Service


The German Weather Service has published an official storm warning for Thursday, 22.6. to Friday, 23.6.2023. Even if it cannot be predicted exactly whether the messages will also occur for Jena in this form, citizens are asked to be prepared and attentive. Fachdienst Feuerwehr and Kommunalservice Jena have already checked the inlets of Leutra and other rivers as a precaution.


Today until afternoon, mainly in the mountains, isolated formation of first thunderstorms, partly with heavy rain up to 25 l/sqm within 1 hour, small-grained hail and gale-force winds up to 70 km/h (Bft 8).

From the afternoon and into the night on Friday, strong to severe thunderstorms in some areas with heavy rain around 40 l/sqm within 1 hour, large hail up to 5 cm and gale-force winds up to 130 km/h (Bft 12). In isolated cases, extremely heavy rain up to 60 l/m within 1 hour is possible. In addition, the formation of a tornado cannot be ruled out in narrow local areas.


On Friday intermittent and locally gusts between 55 and 65 km/h (Bft 7 to 8) from the northwest.


  • falling objects (roof tiles, branches, etc. ) , falling trees
  • floods
  • lightning strikes


  • keep doors and windows closed
  • avoid staying outdoors during thunderstorms
  • Secure movable objects outdoors (balcony furniture, awnings, etc.)