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Successful final spurt of online participation in the cycling plan


Within a month, around 1,200 comments were submitted as part of the second online participation for the Jena 2035+ cycling plan. With the help of this information, the recommendations for measures are now being revised and the measures prioritized.

After the first online participation for the Cycling Plan Jena 2035+ in March 2022 was already a complete success, the second participation was also excellently received. In this second participation, the network and the previously developed measure recommendations were presented and could be commented and evaluated. A total of 1,200 comments and more than 8,000 evaluations by means of "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" were collected.

Mayor Christian Gerlitz is pleased about the once again above-average participation of Jena's citizens: "The committed and for the individual quite time-consuming participation shows me that there is a very great interest in good solutions for cycling in Jena. This gives us in the city administration tailwind for further processing and for the subsequent implementation phase."

The platform with all comments and evaluations can still be viewed online: http://www.radforum-jena.de

In parallel, coordination with the local district councils took place within the framework of participation forums. Here, the representatives of the local districts were able to talk directly with the planning office and those responsible in the city of Jena.

The feedback is now being used to concretize, adapt and prioritize the recommended measures. The cycling plan is expected to be completed in summer 2023.