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Tree pruning and felling in Seidelstrasse


In the period from 12 to 14.02.2024, tree felling and several pruning measures will take place in Seidelstraße. A lime tree on the east side of the street will unfortunately have to be felled completely for reasons of road safety.

This tree was found to be infested with blight fungus. The blight fungus is a wood-destroying fungus that attacks and decomposes the roots and lower trunk area of trees. A stronger pruning to restore road safety would only be possible to a limited extent due to the high crown base and would only mean a short-term postponement of felling. The necessary replacement planting will take place in the Seidelstraße area.

On the west side of Seidelstrasse, the existing 13 pollarded lime trees will be shortened to the old cutting points. This measure is also necessary for reasons of road safety. The trees had already been shortened to prevent breakage damage at an earlier date and are showing increasing signs of rotting at the former cutting points. The sprouts pose an acutely increasing risk of branch breakage. Lime trees generally tolerate pruning measures on this scale well.

In this context, the 17 existing young trees will be pruned for training and development.

The measures were presented to the tree protection commission of the city of Jena and confirmed by them.