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08.12.2022 is nationwide warning day


On 08.12.2022 the nationwide warning day takes place - also the city of Jena participates.

On this day of action, organized by the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK), the federal and state governments as well as the participating districts, independent cities and municipalities will test their warning equipment in a joint exercise starting at 11 am. The aim is to check technical processes for their function and possible weak points, to improve them if necessary and to sensitize the population with regard to the available warning means (such as sirens, warning apps, digital billboards). Also being tested for the first time this year is Cell Broadcast - a warning message sent directly to cell phones via BBK. Which devices are capable of receiving are on this list.

The test warning is sent from the national warning center in the BBK to all warning multipliers connected to the Modular Warning System (MoWaS) (e.g., app servers, radio stations). The warning multipliers in turn send the sample warning in their systems or programs to end devices such as radios and warning apps.

In parallel, the specialist fire department will sound 11 a.m. warning tones via all digital sirens (21 of them) in Jena: 6 tones of 5 seconds each with a 5 second pause. This will be followed by a voice announcement over the sirens: "Attention! Attention! This is the Jena City Council. This is a rehearsal warning for the nationwide Warning Day 2022. There is no danger to the population." The announcement is repeated once.

Finally, the all-clear will be given by the sirens of the city of Jena at 11:45 a.m. (1 minute continuous tone). "Attention! Attention! This is the city administration of Jena. This is the all-clear for the nationwide Warning Day 2022. There was no danger to the population."

During the warning day, the functionality of the four new digital sirens in particular is to be tested:

⦁ Forstweg (South)
⦁ Hufelandweg (north)
⦁ Löbdergraben (center)
⦁ Im Steinfeld (Maua).

Jena citizens will also be informed about the warning day via social media and the municipal website jena.de.