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20. laureate:in for civil courage wanted!


The staff of KoKont (coordination and contact point in the Jena city program against xenophobia, right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism and intolerance) is accepting proposals for the 20th Jena Prize for Civil Courage until July 25.

"Civil courage is always and everywhere required. Anyone and everyone can get into the situation of having to show their courage," says Nicole Schneider, employee at KoKont.

Which person(s), which situation comes to mind from this year and last year (2020)? Which courageous actions inspired you to discuss them with your friends and family or made you think? Send your suggestions, with a short explanation, by e-mail (buero@kokont-jena.de) to KoKont. Or tell us your idea by phone (03641/ 23 66 06).

The prize wants to bring the topic of civil courage to the public's attention again and again, to make people think, but also to animate them to reflect on their own actions. The question still stands in the center: What is civil courage for me? Everyone has a different answer to this question.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the prize, we asked people who have been awarded the Prize for Moral Courage for their courageous and determined actions in recent years about their understanding of moral courage today. The answers are varied, but from all the personal statements it is clear that civil courage is still relevant today - even 20 years after the prize was established.