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30,000 absentee ballot applications at the city of Jena


Almost 30,000 citizens of Jena have applied for absentee ballots so far. This means that about a week before the Bundestag election, a postal voting quota of probably almost 50 percent has been reached for Jena. Among them are also 341 applications from Germans living abroad all over the world, who had last lived in Jena before moving away.

Plenty of 16,000 election letters have been returned so far. The election officer Matthias Bettenhäuser asks not to wait too long with the return. He says: "The completed postal voting documents should be returned as soon as possible, but no later than Thursday, 23.09.2021, via the mailboxes of Deutsche Post."

If not otherwise possible, absentee ballots can still be dropped off in the city's deadline mailbox at Am Anger 15/Gerbergasse by 6 p.m. on Election Sunday or dropped off at the Election Center at Am Anger 28 (Gefahrenabwehrzentrum).

Information on barrier-free access to polling stations

About two thirds of the polling stations in Jena are barrier-free, i.e. accessible by wheelchair. The information about which polling stations are barrier-free can be found on the one hand on the election notification. On the other hand, the overview can be downloaded from the city's website (www.jena.de, Bundestag elections, Downloads). If you have lost your election notification letter, you can still vote with your identity card. The responsible polling station can also be found on the city's website.

If the polling station assigned to a person is not barrier-free, you have the option of applying for a postal vote. The application can be made using the form on the back of the election notification and at the same time a third person can be instructed to collect the postal voting documents. Until the Friday before the election, 24.09.2021, it is possible to apply for and collect postal voting documents at the postal voting centre, Historic Town Hall, Markt 1, or to vote on the spot.