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Action day of the European Mobility Week in Jena: positive balance and wide range of offers


The fact that mobility can be thought of and tried out in a wide variety of ways could be seen on Sunday during the European Mobility Week (EMW) action day. In Jena's Damenviertel, Sophienstraße and the adjacent St. Jakob Straße were declared a car-free zone. Numerous associations, companies and private individuals gathered here and turned the street into a colorful action area. For example, visitors could try out their musical skills on a mobile piano, a solar-powered E-mobile drove through the crowd, various types of bicycles could be tested or bought at auction, and the numerous children were able to test their skills in skateboarding, among other things, or take a wild ride on a hand-operated carousel. Shuttle buses from Jena's public transport system took the curious to the new light railroad at the nearby streetcar depot, while various readings invited visitors to linger.

The wide range of activities also aroused the curiosity of the Federal Environment Agency, which sent its own film team to Jena, complete with giant Edda, the EMW mascot. Like numerous passers-by, the team did not miss the opportunity to take part in a dancing flash mob.

Christian Gerlitz, mayor and head of the department for urban development, was pleased about the popularity of the event in the bright sunshine: "This is the first time that we as a city have joined the European Mobility Week and it is wonderful to see the wide range of mobility options that were presented there. We wanted to use the day primarily to get into conversation with each other and also to show that neighborly thinking goes beyond neighborhood boundaries."

On Monday, the students of the Nordschule were able to use Sophienstraße for their own purposes. Here a small bicycle school of the Straßenverkehrswacht took place. A program is also planned for the Damenviertel on Tuesday. The community foundation invites all residents of the Damenviertel and visitors to a street café from 3 - 5 pm. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own baked goods.