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Additional measures from the local transport plan are to be implemented


On 28.02.2024, the city council will decide on the implementation of additional measures from the 2022+ local transport plan. These provide for the improvement of services in the Jena-Nord district, as well as in the districts of Drackendorf, Ziegenhain, Lichtenhain, Münchenroda and Remderoda.

The implementation of the measures is based on a resolution passed by the city council in 2023, which called on the administration to present a concept for the implementation of the measures with a timeframe and budget. In a first step, three measures are now to be implemented as soon as possible in 2024. The subsidy requirement is estimated at up to €540,000 per year and is to be provided by the city of Jena.

Concrete improvements

Specifically, the service on line 15 between Westbahnhof and the turning facility in Rautal is to be extended by three late-night journeys a day. In Münchenroda and Remderoda, eight particularly popular weekday journeys on route 44 are to be converted into regular services. This eliminates the need to register journeys by telephone with Jenaer Nahverkehr. In addition, the districts of Drackendorf, Ziegenhain and Lichtenhain are to be connected by a minibus every two hours. In Ziegenhain there is currently only a very limited local transport service, in Drackendorf and Lichtenhain there is none at all.

The measures will initially be implemented as a pilot project for a period of 18 months and evaluated after 12 months. After evaluating the passenger numbers on the respective lines and reporting back to the city council, a vote will be taken again on whether to continue the service on a permanent basis. If it turns out that the services are not accepted by passengers as hoped, this may also mean that the measures are discontinued.

Mayor Christian Gerlitz, who is responsible for local public transport, comments:

"With the introduction of these local transport services, we are following the recommendations of the Climate Action Plan specifically in the area of mobility and are fulfilling the express wish of the city council, for more public transport in Jena, which we are now implementing in a pilot project. It is also important not to lose sight of the costs of these services, which is why we will survey and document the actual demand as accurately as possible in order to draw conclusions about their long-term continuation.

The responsible district mayors also have their say.

Maik Prinz, district mayor of Münchenroda and Remderoda :

"Small changes ultimately add up to a big result. The new measures are another step in the right direction."

Jens Schulze, local mayor of Ziegenhain:

"The people of Ziegenhain very much welcome the fact that the district is finally to be connected to local transport. Some district mayors and district councils have been fighting for this for many years. This will improve the quality of life for the residents of the district, including making it easier for children to get to school. Older residents who can no longer drive will find it easier to go shopping or to the doctor and will be able to take part in public life again."

Dr. Christoph Vietze, Mayor of Jena North:

"I'm just happy that the late-night service on route 15 to Rautal is finally being implemented. As the local district council, we have been campaigning for this measure in the 2022+ local transport plan for years in countless working groups in order to guarantee a city center connection in the evening hours for both the Saalbahnhof and the higher residential areas in Jena-Nord. I consider the implementation of the measures as a pilot project for an initial 18 months to be economically sensible; at the same time, however, I have no doubt that the average of 12 people per evening journey, which is necessary for a continuation of the journeys after the pilot phase, will be achieved."

Rainer Raithel, mayor of Drackendorf:

"We welcome the proposal for local transport access to the Drackendorf district. However, it remains exciting for us to see where the new stop will be located."