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All state parliament election candidates for Jena approved


The two constituency committees for the city of Jena confirmed all submitted constituency nominations on Friday afternoon. A total of seven direct candidates are standing in each constituency, with the proposing parties differing in one case.

In constituency 37 (Jena I, west of the Saale without the districts of Löbstedt and Zwätzen), the following candidates are standing:

  • DIE LINKE - Jens Thomas

  • AfD - Elisabeth Mengel-Stähle

  • CDU - Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sigmar Schubert

  • SPD - Daniela Gruber

  • Greens - Christina Prothmann

  • FDP - Petra Teufel

  • FREIE WÄHLER - Bertram Pelzer

Candidates in constituency 38 (Jena II, east of the Saale plus Löbstedt and Zwätzen) are

  • DIE LINKE - Lena Saniye Güngör

  • AfD - Tim Egon Beutler

  • CDU - Konstantin Freuer

  • SPD - Lutz Liebscher

  • Greens - Wolfgang Volkmer

  • FDP - Stefan Beyer

  • BSW - Patrizia Hertlein

Patrizia Hertlein had to collect supporting signatures from at least 250 eligible voters for her candidacy and was even able to produce 270 valid signatures in the end.