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Car-free Sunday is accompanied by numerous information stands


On October 10, 2021 - as decided by the city council - a car-free Sunday will take place in Jena. During the car-free Sunday, the Eichplatz, Nonnenplan, Kollegiengasse, Rathausgasse and Weigelstraße will be closed to car traffic from 11:00 to 16:00. However, all residents as well as adjoining owners will be allowed to drive in and out. During this time there will be free public transport in the whole city area.

Around 20 associations and initiatives will provide information and invite visitors to join in.

In the space gained, numerous civil society initiatives will be holding information stands to provide information on topics relating to the traffic turnaround, alternative mobility or climate protection measures.

Mayor Christian Gerlitz emphasizes: "The express goal is a decentralized event supported mainly by civic engagement. The space gained is to be made available to the citizens and civil society initiatives of the city of Jena."

Thus, among others, the Round Table Climate and Environment, the General German Bicycle Club and the University Sports Club (USV) Jena will present themselves on the car-free day on the Eichplatz and also offer exciting actions. There will be an orienteering active track through the city center, a mobile ramp for skateboards. At the repair café, defective devices can be brought along and of course there will be a lot of information about climate protection. Jena's local public transport will also present an e-bus and the tram project and offer test rides for the Evita e-scooters. As voting on the citizens' budget is currently underway, there will also be an information stand where people can find out about the proposals on the ballot and vote.

Raising awareness of the climate impact of the mobility sector

In 2019, transport-related CO2 emissions in the city of Jena took up 32 percent of the city's overall energy-related CO2 emissions. The car-free day is therefore also intended to draw attention to the climate impact of the mobility sector and the potential this sector holds for climate protection. In order to be able to achieve the national, but also the urban climate protection goals, a traffic turnaround is also needed in Jena. Climate-friendly alternatives to conventional motorised individual transport are therefore presented. For example, electric scooters and cargo bikes can be tested.

Overview of all stands:




Youth traffic school, floor space 1 bus 12 m; 20 m² for presentation of tram project; separate track for Evita test drive

Parents/Scientists for Future

Climate protection

Citizens' Energy Jena and Thuringia

Information on energy cooperatives and networking

Round table climate and environment

Climate protection

Economy of the common good (GWÖ)

Information stand


Presentation of the Repariercafé; you can bring your own things to repair.

Psychologists for Future Jena

Climate protection


Party (information stand)

Open meeting Jena

Democracy (circle of chairs for discussions)


Party (information booth)


Party (info stand)

Initiative "Thüringer Roll.Laden

Skateboard: mobile ramps (test track), protector equipment and skateboards

ADFC / Cycling decision

Cycling / Cycling decision and cycling quiz

Orienteering USV Jena

Information stand and active route through the city centre

University group Enactus



Award ceremony 2021


Bike shop, information, cargo bike, e-bikes, bike leasing etc.

Central coordination Citizen- Presentation of valid proposals and opportunity for voting