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Chlorination at Burgau waterworks to be gradually reduced


Chlorination at Burgau waterworks to be gradually reduced

The additional chlorination of drinking water for some parts of the Jena city area, which has been carried out since the end of November, can be reduced. After extensive rinsing and cleaning measures, the last water samples taken were flawless everywhere.

It is now planned to gradually reduce the addition of chlorine at the Burgau waterworks. This procedure has been coordinated with the health department of the city of Jena. The reduction in chlorination will be accompanied by further sampling.

This procedure will postpone the final shutdown of chlorine dosing until into the new year. The water may therefore continue to have the odor and taste typical of chlorine. However, this does not pose a health risk to people. Drinking water can be used and consumed as usual. Normally, the drinking water in the Burgau waterworks is only disinfected by means of UV irradiation.

Construction measures in the northern area are considered to be the cause of the microbial abnormalities that occurred in mid-November. The Burgau waterworks supplies drinking water to around 40,000 residents in Jena's city center, the eastern and northern districts of the city, and in the municipality of Großlöbichau.