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Commemoration of the death march through Jena


In the afternoon of April 11, 1945, around 4,000 maltreated people were driven through Jena on the last death march by prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp. All interested citizens are cordially invited to this year's commemoration of this dark day in Jena's history and the victims of the march.

Commemoration of the death march through Jena

Sunday, 14.04.2024, 11.00 a.m.

Stele on the west side of the Camsdorf Bridge

This year's commemoration is linked to a short bicycle excursion along the route of the death march, organized by the "Speaking Past" working group. Further stations are the junction of Schlippenstraße (approx. 11.40 a.m.), the stele at Angergymnasium (approx. 12.00 p.m.) and Gembdenbachbrücke/terminal of streetcar line 2 (approx. 12.35 p.m.).