Corona situation picture for Jena


The health service has reported 18 SARS-CoV-2 infections to the Robert Koch Institute on Sunday, 02.05.2021 (until 24 h). 8 persons have recovered.

Outbreak of infection

  • Unfortunately, an outbreak in a retirement home has to be reported. Here infections were brought in by the staff. The virus was passed on to each other during meal breaks. Two living areas of the facility were closed as a precaution and further swabs were organized.
  • At two schools and one day-care centre, quarantine measures had to be ordered for individual groups due to infections in children.

Dr. Enikoe Bán, head of the health department in Jena, said:

Infections in the professional environment are currently among the biggest drivers. In the last few weeks alone, we have had 7 inter-company incidents to deal with. The non-observance of distances or common break times without mask are causes, which could be avoided easily. This is where everyone's responsibility is needed.

Rapid test centres

Over the weekend, 18 rapid tests were positive, 8 of which have already been confirmed by PCR, one counter sample showed a negative result. Further results are still pending.

Incidence values and resulting measures

Since 01.05.2021, the 7-day incidence for Jena has been above the value of 150. Even if there were zero cases on the current day, the incidence value would not fall below 150. Thus, according to the rules of the Infection Protection Act ("federal emergency brake"), click-and-meet purchases will no longer be possible in Jena from Thursday (06.05.2021).

Jena statistics from 02.05.2021

  • Number of active cases: 498
  • thereof in the last 24 hours: 18
  • stationary cases: 16
  • thereof severe courses: 4
  • infections in the last seven days: 182 (previous day: 177)
  • Seven-day incidence for Jena: 163.5 (01.05.2021: 159, 30.04.2021: 138.3)
  • Total infected since 14.03.2020: 4,044
  • Deceased in total: 67
  • Total recovered: 3,479
  • of which in the last 24 hours: 8
  • Persons in quarantine: 1,466 (as of 26.04.2021)