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Corona situation picture for Jena


The specialist health service has reported 2 new SARS-CoV-2 infections to the Robert Koch Institute on Sunday, 30.05.2021 (until 24 h). For Saturday, 2 infections were subsequently reported. 5 persons were classified as recovered.

Extensive relaxations starting Wednesday

This marks 5 working days below the 50 and 35 markers of seven-day incidence. This means relaxations starting Wednesday:

  • For schools and day-care centres, the "green" phase thus also applies. Since this means extensive preparations - for example the conversion of the duty rosters - many mechanisms will make only on Monday, 07.06., the complete care offer possible. The requirement to wear mouth-to-nose coverings in class will be eliminated for all grades beginning Wednesday.
  • According to previous drafts, the expected state regulation will also allow for relaxations. One example is the opening of indoor dining without mandatory testing. Likewise, contacts of the own household with 10 other persons will be made possible, children under 14 years without restriction. Opening of the open-air swimming pools is also made possible, here the preparations already run, the conversion will not take place however immediately on Wednesday.
  • A revision of the Jena general decree - with it also the omission of the mask obligation in the city centre - will come into force as soon as possible.

We will inform comprehensively about further opening steps when the regulation is finalized.

Jena statistics as of 30.05.2021 (24 o'clock)

  • Number of active cases: 198
  • thereof in the last 24 hours: 2
  • inpatient cases: 9
  • thereof severe courses: 3
  • Infections in the last seven days: 21 (previous day: 18)
  • Current seven-day incidence for Jena: 18.9 (yesterday: 16.2; day before: 26)
  • Total infected since 2020-03-14: 4,340
  • Total deceased: 75
  • Recovered in total: 4.067
  • of which in the last 24 hours: 5
  • Persons in quarantine: 342 (as of 31.05.2021)