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Corona situation picture for Jena


The specialist health service has reported two new SARS-CoV-2 infections to the Robert Koch Institute on Tuesday, 08.06.2021 (until midnight). One case reported for Jena was assigned to another local authority. Therefore, the number of total cases increases by only one infection. 10 persons are considered recovered.

Changes in the reporting of corona figures over the weekend

Due to the current low incidence and low number of cases, no figures will be reported by the Press Office over the weekend until further notice. This will be followed on Monday by a summary of cases over the weekend. The numbers will then also be posted on the city's Open Data portal. Should case numbers increase again and require regular classification with information, weekend reporting will resume.

The incidence is automatically updated daily in the graph on Coronavirus. Detailed information on Jena corona statistics is also available daily on the RKI dashboard.

Jena statistics as of 08.06.2021 (24 h)

  • Number of active cases: 83
  • thereof newly reported: 2
  • inpatient cases: 2
  • of which severe courses: 2
  • infections of the last seven days: 12 (previous day: 19)
  • Current seven-day incidence for Jena: 10.8 (yesterday: 17.1; day before: 18.9)
  • Total infected since 2020-03-14: 4,328
  • Deceased in total: 79
  • Recovered in total: 4.166
  • of which in the last 24 hours: 10
  • Persons in quarantine: 159 (as of 09.06.2021)