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Corona situation picture for Jena


As of yesterday (midnight), 64 SARS-CoV-2 infections were reported to the Health Service. This is a doubling of the number of cases compared to the previous day. This means that the 1000 mark of total cases since March 2020 has been exceeded. 6 persons could be classified as recovered.

Many of the cases are contact persons of previously known corona cases. Several schools and kindergartens are affected. Investigations are currently underway. We will provide an updated list of the facilities.

Jena statistics from Wednesday, 09.12.2020 (24 hrs)

  • Number of active cases: 301
  • thereof in the last 24 hours: 64
  • inpatient cases: 19
  • of which severe courses: 7
  • Infections of the last seven days: 197
  • Seven-day incidence for Jena: 181.8
  • Total number of infected persons since 14.03.2020: 1029
  • Total number of deaths: 15
  • Total recoveries: 713
  • thereof in the last 24 hours: 6
  • in quarantine (status 03.12.2020): 1710