Corona situation picture in Jena


By Thursday evening (November 19, 2020, 6 p.m.), 19 new SARS-CoV-2 virus infections had been reported to the Health Service. 1 person could be classified as having recovered.

The number of persons in quarantine has increased by 452 since last week and now stands at 1235 (status: 19.11.2020).

Infection incidence in schools and daycare centres

A complete closure and quarantine was initially ordered for the Buratino day-care centre on Erlanger Allee in Lobeda-Ost for all children and teachers.
Since there were no group separations, there was no clear contact tracing.

Since yesterday two classes and two pedagogues of the workshop school as well as one class and three pedagogues of the West School are in quarantine.

The Schiller School is open again.

You can find an up-to-date overview of the infection incidence in schools and day-care facilities here.

The Jena statistics of Thursday, 19.11.2020 (as of 18 o'clock)

  • Number of active cases: 170
  • thereof in the last 24 hours: 19
  • thereof stationary: 10
  • heavy progressions: 2
  • Infections of the last seven days: 93
  • Seven-day incidence for Jena: 85.9
  • Total number of infected persons since 14.03.2020: 617
  • Total number of deaths: 5
  • Total convalescence: 442
  • of which in the last 24 hours: 1