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Corona situation picture for Jena


There were 9 SARS-CoV-2 infections reported to the Health Department on Sunday, 10/01/2021 (by midnight). Unfortunately, one more person has died as a result of the Covid infection. 65 people are considered recovered as of the weekend.

There continue to be infections in nursing homes and social service agencies. Fortunately, these are isolated cases. As a precautionary measure, residents and staff in the affected facilities are being swabbed to rule out further secondary cases. At two day-care centers, one group at a time has been quarantined.

In the Corona situation reported yesterday, we reported an incorrect 7-day incidence value. After reviewing the data in the City's Open Data Portal, the 7-day incidence yesterday was 215.9 with 234 new infections in the past few days. Broken down by day, these were 11,25,59,36,39,39,25.

The 7-day incidence for today is 214.

Jena statistics from 10.01.2021 (24 o'clock)

  • Number of active cases: 452
  • thereof in the last 24 hours: 9
  • inpatient cases: 26
  • thereof severe courses: 4
  • Infections in the last seven days: 232
  • Seven-day incidence for Jena: 214
  • Total infected since 14.03.2020: 2,106
  • Total number of deaths: 29
  • Recovered in total: 1,625
  • thereof in the last 24 hours: 65
  • Quarantine cases (as of 08.01.2020): 943