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On a discovery tour to the JENA Digital Safari


Jena companies open their virtual doors again for Digitaltag 2021 on June 18.

Interested parties can explore the Jena digital jungle on June 18. The digital ecosystem in Jena is diverse - innovative research institutions, young startups, agile software forges, experienced digital agencies and large tech corporations - they are all part of JENA Digital and work on the digital future. On the occasion of the nationwide Digital Day on 18 June 2021, the JENA Digital network, based at the Economic Development Corporation (JenaWirtschaft), is organising a virtual discovery tour through the digital diversity of Jena's economy for the second time.

"We want to use the nationwide Digitaltag to make the diversity of IT companies and scientific institutions in the field visible. With the safari, we can show participants an insight into this broad spectrum here on site." says initiator and network manager Domenique Dölz of JENA Digital. With more than 130 participants, the Digital Safari was already very well received last year. The network would now like to build on this success and once again offer the public a look behind the scenes of Jena's digital companies.

In the process, the participants can expect many a digital surprise in the second edition.

"This year, the safari will go on three thematic tours with a total of 19 stops," Dölz explains the event's schedule.

"In the 'Digital Business Tour' and the 'Digital Innovation Tour', experts will provide insight into the latest, digital trends and present innovations that are shaping our lives sustainably." The company presentations are exceptionally diverse and range from informative short lectures to interactive live hacking and 360-degree tours of the companies. In the Digital Career Tour, Jena digital companies give an insight into how to enter the digital economy and report on digital career opportunities in the city of light.

Dölz emphasizes the interactive approach of the format:

"With several networking sessions, we want to give participants enough time to exchange ideas and network with the company representatives." After all, the digital economy is one of the industries with the strongest growth - not only in Jena. "The future viability and resistance to crisis has been impressively demonstrated by the digital economy locally in the pandemic. Because the crisis shows that we still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to digitalization in many areas of our society. Our digital economy is a problem solver and is always looking for bright minds and creative thinkers," says Wilfried Röpke, Managing Director of the Jena Economic Development Corporation. Accordingly, the event should not only offer companies in Jena a platform to present themselves, but at best also "achieve a matching with future skilled workers", emphasizes the network manager Dölz. "Whether working student job or internship, thesis or trainee program, career changer or IT professional - the digital economy offers a variety of opportunities to start a digital career and develop personally."

The JENA Digital Safari is part of the Thuringian Digital Festival and the nationwide Digitaltag. Further information and registration.

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The nationwide Digital Day is supported by the initiative "Digital for All", an alliance of 27 organizations from the fields of civil society, culture, science, business, welfare and the public sector. The annual day of action is intended to explain digitization with numerous online formats, make it tangible, show ways to digital participation and also create space for controversial debates. Everyone is welcome to participate with their own activities. The individual activities can be viewed at www.digitaltag.eu.