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Eichplatz development faces final decisive hurdle


In its upcoming double session next week, Jena City Council can finally clear the way for the development of construction site A of the Eichplatz area. The decision to weigh up the options, the corresponding resolution on the implementation agreement and the resolution on the articles of association will then be put to the vote. The resolutions are the prerequisite for planning permission. An initial consultation will take place in the Committee for Urban Development and the Environment tomorrow, Thursday, April 18, 2024.

Lord Mayor Dr. Thomas Nitzsche is campaigning for a positive decision:

"Eichplatz is not just any square in Jena: due to its central location and also its history, it is close to the hearts of many citizens. This makes the important role of the citizens' workshop and the trusting cooperation with STRABAG Real Estate as the developer all the more crucial in this major project. Once the planning application process has been successfully completed, it will finally be possible to implement what will be good for Jena: a strong revitalization of the city centre, with new apartments and offices, attractive stores, cafés and restaurants. And in between, open and tangible spaces that invite you to linger."

STRABAG Real Estate plans to construct three distinctive high points on construction site A, which is adjacent to the Neue Mitte shopping center with the Jentower. A 20-storey residential tower, a 14-storey office building and a further ten-storey residential building are to be built on a total gross floor area of 30,000 m². Retail and commercial space is planned on the respective first floors, which will bring the quarter to life.

Outstanding public participation

Christian Gerlitz, Mayor and Head of Urban Development, emphasizes the great importance of public participation in this project:

"Building three high points on construction site A is one of the criteria that emerged from the intensive and enormously extensive public participation for the Eichplatz development. An idea that only came about thanks to the early involvement of citizens over many years, which is unique in Thuringia. Eichplatz is therefore a prime example of successful participation. It shows that even in difficult circumstances, very good solutions can be found with broad support if the population is intensively involved."

Public participation began back in 2015 with the formation of a citizens' workshop. This committee - consisting of representatives from the local community, administration and politics - drew up 10 principles for the development of Eichplatz, which were taken into account in the framework planning. Since then, regular meetings of the workshop committee and public events have been held.

Further steps

"When the city council decision is made, we will of course continue to take our share of responsibility for the construction project. We would be delighted if we could realize this very special project in the heart of Jena," says Marc Schreiber, Head of STRABAG Real Estate Berlin.

It is not yet clear exactly when construction will begin. It depends on various factors such as the development of the current high interest rate level and the construction and material costs. These are decisive indicators for the economic realization of the project. Accordingly, the right time for the start of construction is important to ensure that construction costs remain within reasonable limits. A significant change in interest rates is expected in the coming year.

Information on the next steps and the construction project as a whole will be available on a STRABAG Real Estate project website from May 2024.

Background information

The current resolutions

The resolutions that are now being discussed by the city council are the decision to weigh up the options, the resolution on the implementation agreement and the resolution on the articles of association:

  • The decision on consideration (24/2339-BV) deals with the suggestions received during the public consultation. There were 14 letters from the public. In addition, 35 authorities or other public bodies submitted comments. All suggestions and comments received were examined and weighed against and among each other with regard to public and private interests. Expert opinions were also updated. In addition to purely editorial adjustments, contradictions in content were also corrected. In addition, interim changes to DIN standards and rainfall probability data led to the need for amendments.
  • With the resolution on the implementation agreement (24/2340-BV), the City Council approves a contract with STRABAG. Among other things, this contract sets out timetables, but above all the assumption of costs. In the contract, STRABAG, as the project developer, undertakes, for example, to assume the costs for the development and the commissioning of all necessary planning and expert services. Construction-related measures such as groundwater monitoring and tree protection are also included.
  • These two resolutions must be passed before the resolution on the articles of association (24/2341-BV) must be passed. This is because by approving the resolution on the articles of association, the city council establishes the project and development plan as a statute. This makes the project-related development plan valid. If the State Administration Office has no objections and the official announcement has been made, the next phase of the project will be to obtain planning permission.

The project on construction site A of the Eichplatz area

The construction project awarded to STRABAG Real Estate Berlin envisages three distinctive high points. A 20-storey residential tower, a 14-storey office building and a further ten-storey residential building will be built on a total gross floor area of 30,000 m². All of the buildings will have retail and commercial space on the first floor, bringing the quarter to life.

In the course of the approval process, the project was further developed within the limits of the specified framework plan, as repeated planning and inspections were sometimes necessary during the ongoing process. For example, a second underground parking level with a total of 175 parking spaces was added - not least due to the now larger number of 148 apartments in the quarter. And the northern office tower has also deviated from the original designs in favor of better lighting for the neighboring buildings through setbacks.

Milestones to date for the Eichplatz site, construction area A

The developer STRABAG Real Estate GmbH emerged as the winner of the two-stage investor selection process for the development of construction site A (consisting of plots A, B and C-West) in the Eichplatz area.

This was preceded from 2015 by a very intensive participation process for the redesign of this area, which lasted several years and was unique in Thuringia.

The entire process has been extensively documented in public:

In autumn 2020, report 20/0567-BE "EichplatzAreal - past and future development" provided comprehensive information to the political bodies and the public about the participation process launched in 2015 and the subsequent investor selection process from 2018.

In November 2020, the purchase agreement between the City of Jena and STRABAG Real Estate GmbH for plots A, B and C-West was notarized.

In February 2021, the city council decided to initiate a procedure for the preparation of a project-related development plan "EichplatzAreal - Baufeld A", after STRABAG Real Estate GmbH had previously submitted an application for initiation as agreed.

In November 2023, the Jena City Council approved the draft plan. This was followed by the public display of the project-related development plan for construction site A of the Eichplatz area. The documents could be viewed from 08.12.2023 to 18.01.2024 at Am Anger 26 and digitally. There was also a public information event on