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Emergency care in daycare centres more precisely regulated


As before, day care centres will remain closed from 17.03. to 19.04. This is a protective measure according to the Infection Protection Act.

The Thuringian Ministry for Education, Youth and Sport has specified the following exceptions to the closure of daycare centres:

crash-and-emergency care in small groups

However, emergency care may be provided in the smallest possible spatially separated groups (no open concepts), generally with a maximum of 5 children per group. If possible, the groups should not be recomposed.

For whom?

Generally eligible parents - Group A

  • Personnel in the health sector (including care and manufacture of corresponding products) and with responsibility for public safety - the parent specifically affected does not necessarily have to be needed
  • Areas with responsibility for public safety: prisons and voluntary fire brigades (during stand-by periods)
  • Healthcare: parents who provide curative or rehabilitation treatment as prescribed by a doctor (such as occupational and physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc.), psychotherapists
Procedure group A

For group A, a credible statement that both parents work in the health sector or in areas of public safety is sufficient. An employer's certificate is useful, but should not be required. Please use the application for emergency childcare in the daycare centre - for group A (PDF).

Admission in individual cases - group B

Emergency care in individual cases is guaranteed under 2 conditions: for personnel necessary for operations in companies of critical infrastructure.

-> 1st prerequisite: Both parents work in a critical infrastructure company. This includes:

  • Water supply
  • Energy supply (electricity, gas)
  • Waste Management
  • Communications (including mail, digital infrastructure)
  • Passenger transport (rail and road, motorways)
  • Basic food supply (including sales and logistics)
  • Farms with larger animal stocks
  • Cleaning personnel
  • Courts and public prosecutor's offices

-> 2nd prerequisite: The parents belong to the personnel necessary for the operation within their company.

In principle, we assume that these establishments will also be able to fulfil their tasks with a reduced number of staff.

Emergency care is provided for the children of employees* who are urgently needed for the maintenance of the company. This operational necessity can result from emergency plans or from the fact that individual persons have special knowledge or have to carry out special tasks. All members of crisis management teams belong to the personnel required for operations.

Procedure Group B

Employer certificates are requested for group B. The certificate covers the specific company and a confirmation that the specific person is able to perform his or her duties, with keyword justification.

Daily schedule

Preference will be given to outdoor care in order to reduce the risk of infection for caregivers and those in care. Collection and delivery services should be covered by a fixed group of people with caregiving powers.

Reduce contacts

The principle of contact reduction to reduce the risk of infection applies.