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Evening situation from 01.04.2020


Current number of cases

There are currently 126 corona cases in Jena.

Amendment of the general ruling of 31.03.2020

The general ruling of 31.03.2020 was amended again on 01.04.2020. In addition to editorial changes, some points were clarified. The general ruling, its amendment and justification can be found here: Coronavirus.

No obligation for mouth-nose covering in emergency care

Children and caregivers do not have to wear a mouth and nose cover during emergency care. Children up to the time of school entry are covered by theObligation to wear a mouth and nose cover is generally excluded. Children of elementary school age who are currently in emergency care needa mouth-and-nose cover if they use public transport.

Mouth and nose cover for returnees from Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hamburg

All persons who have been infected in the last 14 days in the federal states with a particularly high incidence of new infections Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg andHamburg or in a quarantined town or district, are not entitled to claim compensation for the damage caused by the new general ruling when it comes into force.more under domestic quarantine.

Due to the still increased danger, however, these persons are now obliged to wear a mouth-nose coverirrespective of the deadlines specified in the general ruling.

Protect others by wearing a mouth-nose-cover

The city administration points out again that wearing a simple mouth-nose cover does not protect the wearer himself, but rather reduces the risk of unintentionally infecting others. This measure is important because people can be contagious several days before the first symptoms appear.

Wearing these mouth-nose-coverings does not compete with protective equipment for medical staff. They need FFP2/3 masks for self-protection, something completely different from mouth-nose-coverings.