Evening situation from 14.05.2020


Corona case numbers

Today we can report one recovered person again. This means that there are currently 159 corona cases in Jena, one person is undergoing inpatient treatment in the intensive care unit.

In total there were 3 deaths. 152 persons are now considered to have recovered, so there are 4 active cases.

These figures reflect the cases of Jena's inhabitants.

More COVID patients are treated at the University Hospital Jena than listed here. People who have been transferred from other hospitals within Thuringia are also treated.

New general decree for Jena with many relaxations

Today, a new general decree was issued, which implements new relaxations of the state of Thuringia for Jena:

Gastronomy can open again

Starting tomorrow (Friday, 15.05.) the catering businesses in Jena may reopen. This regulation includes indoor and outdoor areas. The facilities must develop infection protection concepts and comply with hygiene measures. In addition, ventilation concepts must be implemented. Further information on this can be found atjena.de/corona

In principle, the distance of 1.5 m between guests of different tables must be guaranteed. Persons from two different households may sit at one table.

Further rules apply in indoor areas:

  • Wearing of a mouth-nose cover is required for distances below 1.5 m.
  • Wherever the minimum distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained, a mouth-nose cover must be worn. This applies to the staff when operating and clearing up, but also to the guests when entering and leaving the guest rooms and when leaving their seats. Mouth and nose covers do not have to be worn at the table.
  • In order to be able to track infections in the event of a corona case, restaurants and catering areas of hotels and guesthouses must keep a daily list of guests in the indoor catering area. One person per household present must leave the following information: First name and surname, address, telephone number and e-mail. In addition, the table number and the duration of the visit must be recorded.
  • The lists must be kept by the operator for 3 weeks and handed over to the Jena public health department upon request. The collected data must not be processed for any other purpose and must not be accessible to third parties. After 3 weeks the lists must be destroyed immediately.
  • This regulation does not apply to sales outlets (butchers, bakers) in closed rooms, which allow consumption on site in their sales rooms, provided that an area of 20 square metres is available per person in this area.

Face-related services in hairdressing and barber shops, cosmetic studios, tattoo and piercing studios

For hairdressers, barbers as well as beauty salons, tattoo and piercing studios, hygiene plans and protection standards have been established by the respective trade associations and professional associations. In addition, all the above-mentioned businesses in Jena are subject to the fact that facial treatments or face-related services are permitted if the employees wear an FFP2 mask, supplemented by protective goggles or a face shield.