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The evening situation of 23.03.2020


Here the evening situation from 23.03.2020:

90 corona cases

The number of Jena Corona cases has risen to 90.

Sunday opening no longer possible

The city of Jena has withdrawn the possibility of selling on Sundays by amending the general decree to close shops and facilities.

The supply of people with existential goods is also secured when the shops are closed on Sundays. Rather, Sunday is used to ensure that employees have the necessary rest and to replenish stocks.

Exception for lawyers is coming

An amendment to the general ruling on bans on entry for returnees from risk areas, which is to be launched on Tuesday, 24 March 2020, should enable lawyers to continue their work unhindered. This will enable lawyers to attend necessary court hearings even in the designated risk areas.

Amendment for returnees working in health care or systemic infrastructure

A further change concerns those who return home to work in the health sector or in systemically important infrastructure: These may only leave their home quarantine for the duration of their work if the respective institution introduces a procedure for regular monitoring of the health status of these staff members and if adequate protection of patients, customers and staff is ensured.

Previous test results negative

All test results available so far from the members of the staff for exceptional events tested over the weekend are negative.