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The evening situation of 26.03.2020


Case numbers

At present there are 102 confirmed cases, one of them with a more serious course.

Hotline for questions, 112 only for emergency calls

For questions about the current situation in Jena or to report as a returnee, please use the city hotline 0049 3641 49-2222. For appointments for fever consultation, please call 0049 3641 49-3333. Please keep 112 free for real emergency calls. Thank you very much!

No private parties

The city of Jena has already prohibited events and meetings of any kind. Nevertheless, more and more reports of private parties or meetings with several people reach us.

That is why the head of the security department, Benjamin Koppe, appeals:

The health of each individual is at stake. Even if it is difficult: please also reduce social contacts in your private life.

If many people come together in an apartment, it is hardly possible to keep a distance.

This gives the virus die chance to spread further. Not everyone carrying the virus knows they are infected,

so Koppe.

We must persevere - measures show effect

The measures taken in Jena, such as the closure of day-care centres and schools, shops, cafés, bars and restaurants, the ban on entering public places and the ban on events, are helping to contain the virus.

Lord Mayor Dr. Thomas Nitzsche thanks all those who are adhering to the city's regulations. But he warns that perseverance is the key.

The next 2-3 weeks are critical. We have to keep up the measures and stay at home if possible. This is the only way to break chains of infection.

Test capacities will be expanded

The city administration continues to work intensively to create additional testing capacity.

In order to be prepared for an increasing number of Covid-19 cases, the conditions for additional smear tests will be created and laboratory capacities will be expanded. All countries that are successful in combating the corona pandemic have opted to expand testing,

explains mayor Christian Gerlitz. The indication for a smear test is still based on the latest recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute.