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Evening situation from 31.03.2020


Current case numbers in Jena

119 cases (no new case), 6 recovered (as of 31.03.2020, 17.00).

Gradual introduction of the obligation to cover the mouth and nose

The city of Jena is gradually introducing the obligation to wear a Mouth and nose cover one. With the entry into force of the general ruling (Thursday, 02.04.), this obligation will apply when using or providing services where the distance of 1.5 m does not have to be observed. These are, for example, measures of physiotherapy and occupational therapy and speech therapy or services of opticians and hearing aid acousticians.

From 06.04. onwards, the obligation applies when using public transport (including taxis), in supermarkets or other sales outlets and when entering craft or service enterprises.

The last stage applies from 10.04. and 14.04. (due to the closure of companies and facilities on Good Friday, then from Tuesday after Easter). Then it is also necessary to wear a Mouth and nose cover is mandatory if more than one person is working in a room. An exception is made if it is ensured that 20 sqm per person are available in a room and a distance of 1.5 m is guaranteed. Also for public rooms, in which the distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained, the obligation to provide a Mouth and nose cover to wear.

Besides the self-sewn Mouth and nose cover scarves, shawls, buffs and fabric cuts from sheets or other densely woven cotton fabrics (washable at 90 degrees) are also possible.

Regulations in daycare centres and for children under 6 years of age

Educators and children who are currently in the groups of the emergency day care centre are exempt from the obligation to Mouth and nose cover to be carried, excluded. Parents who pick up their children from the groups must pay a Mouth and nose cover wear.

In general, children under 6 years of age are exempt from compulsory wearing of a Mouth and nose cover ...except...

Exception for shop closures

Florist shops, florists, fabric shops, alteration tailors and bicycle parts outlets may reopen on Thursday. The street sale of ice cream remains permitted.

Bans on entry in the event of symptoms of illness instead of federal states as risk areas

The city of Jena is withdrawing the regulation to designate individual federal states as risk areas. Persons who are in domestic quarantine due to this regulation are released from this regulation as of Thursday, but must report any signs of symptoms to the hotline 0049 3641 49-3333. Due to the further spread of the disease in Germany, Jena has decided to shift the focus of preventive measures. In the future, the city will impose far-reaching bans on entry in the case of typical corona symptoms (instead of quarantine when returning from another federal state) and the obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector.

City does not accept orders for mouth and nose covers

We ask you to refrain from sending e-mails and calling the city administration to order mouth-and-nose covers. There are already numerous initiatives, especially in the social media, that produce and distribute large quantities of mouth-nose covers. Please also think of those who may not have access to social media.