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Exchange in the classroom in challenging times


Teachers from the Ukrainian town of Brovary visit Jena schools

Their current situation is very different - and yet they have a lot in common. Four teachers from the Ukrainian city of Brovary have been visiting Jena since Tuesday to exchange ideas with colleagues at various schools.

"In Ukraine, they are currently working under a 'present pressure' that we probably can't imagine," says teacher and city council member Matias Mieth. "Bringing together these experiences in a post-Soviet society with the Jena schools' will to reform education is my attempt to think beyond the day. Towards a common European future in peace."

Mieth prepared the multi-day exchange together with Iryna Martyniuk. Martyniuk is a member of the "Ukrainians in Jena" group and is now deputy chairwoman of the JenaUA association, which is currently being founded. One of its aims is to promote exchange between Jena and Ukraine in a wide range of areas - education is one of them.

On Wednesday, the four teachers visited the Thuringian Community School Kulturanum, the Christian Grammar School and the UniverSaale Comprehensive School. On Thursday, the program includes a visit to the opening of the exhibition "100 Years of the Jenaplan" at the Thuringian University and State Library (THULB). This will be followed on Friday by visits to the Göschwitz Vocational School, the Workshop School and the Waldorf School.

The city of Jena provided support with the organization and financed, among other things, accommodation for the guests as well as a cultural supporting program - with visits to the Theaterhaus and a concert by the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra. In the fall of 2022, the city council approved a solidarity partnership with the Ukrainian city of Brovary. The partnership is now being brought to life through exchange projects such as these, where many contacts can be made.

Vier Frauen stehen vor einem Gemälde im Christlichen Gymnasium in Jena und halten Geschenke und ukrainischen Fahnen in den Händen. Iryna Martyniuk (stellvertretende Vorsitzende des Vereins JenaUA in Gründung), Olena Fatieieva (Deutschlehrerin in Brovary), Susanne Raab (Schulleiterin des Christlichen Gymnasiums) und Iryna Melnyk (Deutschlehrerin in Brovary) © Stadt Jena (Thérèse Tabbone)