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Fiber optic expansion east of the Saale started


Jena among the first cities in Germany with nationwide rollout

Jena is making great strides in terms of fast Internet. It is one of the first cities in Germany to receive nationwide fiber-optic expansion. Expansion has now begun in the districts of Ilmnitz, Jenaprießnitz, Kernberge, Kunitz, Laasan, Lobeda-Altstadt, Wenigenjena, Wöllnitz, Wogau and Ziegenhain. This means that another 14,800 households and businesses will soon be able to use Telekom's network. A total of 560 kilometers of fiber optics will be used to build 122 distributors by the beginning of 2024. The first connections will be ready in a few weeks.

The city of Jena and Telekom are working closely together on the expansion. To keep disruption to residents to a minimum, the project is being carried out in individual construction phases. Expansion in the Drackendorf and Lobeda-Ost districts started as early as 2022. Around 3,500 households and business locations have been completed.

Complete fiber-optic infrastructure by 2026

"In the future, a fiber-optic connection in one's home or business location will be just as important an infrastructure as an electricity or water connection, increasing the value of any property," said Christian Gerlitz, mayor and department head for urban development. "After making far too slow progress with fiber-optic expansion in Germany for a long time, I am delighted that, at least in Jena, this has now picked up speed rapidly. By 2026, and thus much sooner than in most cities in Germany, we in Jena will have a fiber-optic infrastructure covering the entire city."

Benjamin Koppe, Head of the Department of Finance and Digitization, explained the significance for Jena: "The provision of digital public services, which now essentially includes fast, stable and reliable Internet access, has become sustainably more important, especially in Jena. Comprehensive fiber-optic coverage is not only about improving the quality of life for people in our city, but also about keeping pace and further expanding Jena as a high-tech and digital location. Furthermore, the project is an important driver of digital transformation for us on the way to a Smart City Jena."

Important: property owners must actively give their consent

Property owners must actively give their consent to receive the fiber-optic connection now. The connection itself is free of charge. Costs are only incurred when the connection is used. If property owners or tenants do not opt for a fiber optic connection until a few years down the road, the street would have to be reopened. A fee of 799.95 euros would then be payable.

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