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General ban on entering public places in Jena


In spite of the general decree from the beginning of the week, there have been more meetings and gatherings of people in public areas in Jena in the last few days, some of them in already cordoned off places.

That is why the city is now tightening this general order. All events, meetings and gatherings in parks and forests, in squares and other public areas are still prohibited.

Ban on entering

In addition, a ban on entering public places, i.e. streets, paths, pavements, squares, public green spaces, parks, car parks and the municipal forest, is also imposed. The aim is to strictly avoid people meeting in groups, as this is the only way to slow down or contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Exceptions Prohibition to enter

People should still be able to leave their own homes. Therefore there are exceptions. It should still be possible to go out into the fresh air alone, in pairs, in the family (people living in the same household) or with a pet. In the same way, it should be possible to leave the apartment for shopping, for the way to work or to the doctor. People who care for people or help them with their shopping are also allowed to move around in public spaces.

Further restrictions in the services sector

With the general ruling, further sales outlet closures and prohibitions of some non-acutely necessary tradesmen's services and measures of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy that are not prescribed by a doctor or are medically necessary come into force.

Appeal of the city leadership

These massive cuts in personal freedom are of course not easy for the city. But this is the only way we can really protect the most vulnerable people. Without a drastic reduction of further infections, our health system will not be able to help all people.

That is why Lord Mayor Dr. Nitzsche, Mayor Gerlitz and the heads of department Koppe and Hertzsch appeal to you to support these measures. They will save human lives.