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General decree of the city of Jena from 18.03.2020


The mayors of the independent towns in Thuringia today agreed in a joint step on further significant measures to slow down the spread of the corona virus.

With a view toItaly and on the case numbers which are also already rising in our country, the number ofConsequence of the commandment of the hour. Every wobble now pay in two weeksPeople with their lives

,emphasised Lord Mayor Thomas Nitzsche.

Above all, by coordinating the cities with each other, we are also achieving a new level of clarity. This is indispensable for acceptance by the population, especially with so many drastic measures in short succession. We in politics can only be grateful that people have shown such a high degree of trust in us over the past few days. We hope that this will continue to be the case.

Sales outlets closed from 20.03.2020

From Friday, 20.03.2020, all sales outlets are to be closed. Excluded from this are:

  • Shops for food
  • Weekly markets
  • collection and delivery services
  • Beverage markets
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical supply stores
  • drugstores
  • Petrol stations
  • Banks and savings banks
  • Post offices
  • Dry cleaners and laundrettes
  • Newspaper vending facilities
  • Building, horticulture and pet supplies markets
  • Wholesale

Detailed information can be found under: Coronavirus or please refer to the general ruling.