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The German national team trains in Jena


The adhoc Arena at the Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld in Jena will host the German national team's public training session next Monday, 27.5.2024. To ensure that this event, which is very exciting for the city of Jena, runs as smoothly as possible, visitors and road users should take note of the following information:

The quickest way to get around is on foot, by bike or by public transport

It is generally recommended to use public transport or, even better, to walk to the stadium in order to reduce the volume of traffic in the city. Traveling by bike also promises a quick arrival.

Parking: parking guidance system and signage provide information

The city of Jena's digital parking guidance system informs all drivers about available parking spaces as they enter the city. Additional parking signs provide information about more remote parking spaces (e.g. in Platanenstraße) that have good public transport connections. It is strongly recommended that you also use the more distant parking spaces and travel to the stadium from there by public transport. Parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the stadium are only available to a limited extent. As soon as these parking spaces are occupied, the lanes from Stadtrodaer Straße to the stadium or the parking facilities will be closed. The Südbad parking lot will remain closed from Monday morning to secure the event site. As a result, the parking lot for guests of the Südbad and the beach bar cannot be used all day.

Possible traffic restrictions

On Stadtrodaer Straße in the stadium area, a speed limit of 40 km/h/km will regulate safe arrival and departure.

A driving ban applies to Wöllnitzer Straße (local area and Jenertal to Am Stadion). An exception applies for residents.