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Jena crisis team discusses further disaster measures


In a short briefing today, the crisis team Jena discussed the current pandemic situation. On Wednesday, a record number of new infections was reached with 113. The 7-day incidence is thus just under 330.

A sad focus of infections is currently observed in nursing homes. The staff situation is predominantly tense, even though most homes are currently able to provide care, but with each further outbreak in a facility, the situation on site quickly deteriorates dramatically, as staff are also regularly affected.

Two homes are particularly affected by staff absences. Here, there is continuous exchange with the specialist health service and support is organised via the community foundation.

On the part of the university hospital, the treatment situation is currently still considered stable. However, the already foreseeable development in the coming weeks is causing great concern.

The city expects the infection situation to worsen in the coming days and weeks. If, in the course of this, patients can no longer be adequately cared for at the university hospital or if the situation in the nursing homes continues to worsen, the crisis team is meanwhile also considering the declaration of a disaster situation by the city of Jena. This would allow access to comprehensive support from state aid agencies.

Actually, this step is expected by the state government. Repeatedly, however, instead of more consistent measures, silence on the part of the Free State had to be taken note of.

The crisis team is calling on the people of Jena to register for voluntary help in senior citizens' homes or other social institutions via the Corona Engagement Finder of the Jena Civic Foundation.

The link is here: https://www.buergerstiftung-jena.de/corona-engagementfinder.html

Unfortunately, this news is very saddening at Christmas. The city leadership encourages the citizens of Jena to continue to show solidarity during the crisis. We would like to thank all the helpers who are currently working in nursing, medicine, the police, the fire brigade and the health department.